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A Fête at Bermondsey, c. 1570 (oil on panel), Gheeraerts, Marcus, the Elder (c. 1520-90) / Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, UK / Bridgeman Images
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Doing Research at REED

Resources of the REED office include important microfilm collections of original documentation used by the REED project, as well as an extensive collection of books and articles on early drama and music, palaeography, lexicography, patronage, and topography. If you are interested in visiting REED to consult these resources, please contact the REED Director of Research and General Editor, Sally-Beth MacLean.

Some of our in-house editorial resources are also available online: the REED Handbook for Editors (1980; revised 1990) and Palaeographic Checking Guidelines (revised 2010).

Further information about seeking access to unpublished transcripts held by REED editors is found in the REED Executive Motion on Fair Use, passed on 27 May 2004: ‘All requests to consult unpublished materials (transcriptions and manuscript facsimile reproductions) must be made directly to the REED collection editor as copyright holder, who is free to share his or her work as he or she wishes, rather than to the REED Editorial Office. Before permission to use or cite unpublished materials can be granted, the collection editor and the applicant must complete and sign a Memorandum of Fair Use form, which can be downloaded from the REED website.’ The contact email addresses for appropriate editors can be found on the Forthcoming Collections page.


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