Yorkshire North Riding, Yorkshire North Riding, 1592

High Commission Order for the Suppression of Entertainments

Yorkshire Archaeological Society: DD56/S

ff [1–1v ] (7 August)

A godlye order or remedye for the abolishinge of diuers abvses tending to the prophanation of the lordes Sabaoth & christian religion mayd and Set forth by the most reverend father in God Iohn by the providence of god Lord Archbishope of yorke primate of Ingland & metropolitaine The Right honorable Henrye Earle of huntington Lord president of her maiesties Counsell established in thes north partes with the advyse of the Iustices of assise for this circuate & other yer llordships associates the quens maiesties comissioners vnder named for causes eclesiasticall within the province off yorke the vijth daie of August anno domini 1592

fforasmuch as we are crediblye geven to vnderstand yat ther are diuers & intollerable abvses and Disorders vsed and practised within the cytye of yorke and generallie through the hole province of Yorke tending to the prophanation of the lordes sabath & christian religion/ namelye yat a great number of evill disposed persons of the yonger sorte have not onelye neglected theire dewtifull resorte to the church vpon Sondaies & holidaies wheare divine service & administration of the Sacramentes have beene vsed duelye celebrated & the word of god sincerelye preached and expounded But beinge led awaye with vaine & phantasticall delightes (much more lyke Infydelles then christians) have verye often & yat by great troupes mayde yer repaire eyther to Rushbearinges Burkes/ may powles/ may games/ morrisdances/ gilldalles/ Somergames/ with other pypinges & daunsinges bulbaytinge bearebaytinges or to some other vnlawfull or vngodlye pastimes frequentinge allso feastes/ drinkinges/ Stage plaies/ rydiculus shewes/ wakes/ flours of the well & other ethnicall & unchristian metinges & conventicles wherebye the Sabaoth hath been vsuallie prophaned/ The resort to the church greatlie neglected And sermons & Cathechizinge (the foode of the soule) highlie dishonored/ Vnderstandinge allso by lyke Information yat theire are diuers churches & chaples within the said province not yet throughlie purged from Superstitious monumentes picturs and Reliques of Idolatrye and that yer is a generall abvse at burialles not onelye by excessive Ringing of belles but allso by a rydiculus devyse and popishe custome of tyinge a Superstitious crosse maid off napkins or other clothes vpon the beare ouer the dead corpes and burienge a staffe or metwande together in the grave with the dead bodye As well yerfore for the repressinge off thes ethnicall pastimes & synfull assembles in the one/ as for the abolishinge & rotinge out of all popishe superstition in the other We do earnestlie require & in hir maiesties name (so farefurth as we may lawfullie by vertue off hir highnes commission for causes ecclesiasticall to vs & others directed) commande ‸⸢all⸣ you the parsons and vicars & curates off every church & chapell within the cytie dioces & province off yorke together with the churchwardens off every such church & chapell respectyvelie for the tyme beinge That ye Immediatelye vpon the receypte heareoff do publishe and effectuallye admonishe all & singuler ye parishoners within your seuerall parishes & chappelries aforesaid utterlye ffrom hencefurth to abandon all & singuler the games & pastimes above recyted other traphicke off byenge & Sellinge of any waires or victualles & whatsoeuer prophaine exersice be yt off pleasure or profytte vpon the lordes Sabaoth esspeciallie in tyme off divine servic, chathechisinge & Sermons/ And lykwysse utterlye to abstaine from yer excessive Ringinge & supersticious ceremonye off lyenge & making crosses as aforesaid/ & off barieng A rodde together with the dead bodies of christian men and women And in caise | yff anye parson or parsons shall heareafter contemne this your admonition or willfullie refuze to obey the same in any respecte Then we lykewyse require you the said parsons vicars Curates & churchwardens yat true certificate be maid off the names & Sirnames of such contemptuous & obstinate parsons & off the daye & place of yer said misdemeaner to be subscribed by the handes off the minister & churchwardens of the perishe or Chapellrye where he or they do dwell And yat the same certeficate be returned to us and other our said associates or three off us to the cytie off yorke within one forthnight next after such contemptuous mysdemeaner by him or them mayd or committed. And we do further by auctorytie aforesaid require you the said parsons vicars proprietories fermers & churchwardens of everye parishe & chapellry aforesaid that before the tuesdaye next after trinitie Sondaie now next cominge you do certifye lykewyse vnto vs whether they (to whom yt appertaineth) have removed or caused to be removed out off your churches & chappelles respectivelie all and singuler monumentes of Superstition poperye & Idolatrye namely Allters Roodeloftes ymages & picturs of Idolatrye & esspecialle the picture of god the father whether the same be in stone wodde or glasse or in anye other mettall or stuffe whatsoeuer/ And whether that you the sayd parsons vicars/ proprietaryes & farmers for the chauncell and the churchwardens for the bodye off the bodye off euery church and chappell to be beawtyfyed whyted and comlye paynted with the commandementes and other godlye sentences of holy scriptures fytt for the edification of the people before the sayd tuysdaye after Trynytye Sondaye next or not To thintent yt such further proceedinges may be againste such as shalbe defectyve in the premysses as by the lawes statutes ordinances and iniunctions of this Realme and province may be prosecuted or inflycted against them.

°Iohannes Eboracum Henry Huntyngton°

°I saulge Ralph Rokebye°

°Wylliam hyldyarde Wylliam payler°

°Iohn moore william palmer°

°Edmund parkinson°

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