Detecta for York and Chester Dioceses

Borthwick Institute: V.1595–6/CB.3

f 46v (Catterick deanery)


George Smith
Iohn Tod
William Braithwaite
Oswold Lightfote
Arthur Best
Richard humphrey
William Scot
          churchwardens, none of these were at Evening prayer on sonday the 22th of Iune 95. & Scot Braithwait and vmfrey wold not help to reforme the abvse of piping ⸢and dancing⸣ that day but suffered a chaire to be brought into the churchyard for william harrison the piper to sit on that day

William harison a piper °for piping within the churchyerd vpon the Sabaoth day viz. next sonday after Trinitie sonday last:°


  • Marginalia
    • Wenslow

      [Footnote: Wenslow: ie, Wensley]

  • Footnotes
    • Wenslow: ie, Wensley
    • George … Scot: names bracketed on the right
    • Sabaoth … last: 29 June
  • Document Description

    Record title: Detecta for York and Chester Dioceses
    Repository: Borthwick Institute
    Shelfmark: V.1595–6/CB.3
    Repository location: York

    1595–6; English and Latin; paper; ii + 183 + i, in booklets, mainly quarto, bound together; 255mm x 175mm (text area variable); modern pencil foliation, some partial older ink foliation; some enlarged headings; some repairs; modern white vellum binding, brown leather plate on front, gold lettering 'Visitation | Court Book | 1595–6.'

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