f liii (Disbursements)


Item payed to Christopher Thompson for ye waites Lyveries 02 - 11 - 00


  • Endnote

    Christopher Thompson, draper and merchant tailor, served as senior bailiff in 1637 and 1644, but it seems more likely that he is being paid here for making the waits' liveries, than in his administrative capacity (Corporation Minute Book 1621–49, NYCRO DC/SCB II/1/1/1; Jack Binns, letter to editor, 21 October 2019).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Scarborough Chamberlains' and Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: NYCRO
    Shelfmark: DC/SCB IV/1
    Repository location: Northallerton

    The financial officers of the town (chamberlains) and of St Mary's Church (churchwardens) submitted their annual accounting together each Michaelmas.

    Because the Record Office has been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the transcriptions have not yet been checked for accuracy.

    1612–45; English; paper; 137 + ii, unnumbered loose sheet slipped in between ff xxxiii and xxxiv; 300mm x 200mm; modern pencil foliation, i–lxxiv, 1–60 (numbered from end of book, ff 58–60 blank); contemporary parchment covers worn and cracked, stitching loose and broken; 19th-c. title on rectangle of white paper on front cover: 'GG5 | Disbursements of | Chamberlains & | Churchwardens | 1613 to 1638 | Receipt other end of Book' and on back cover, 'No 5 GG | Rent Receipt Book | 1613 to 1645 | Disbursements other end of | Book, 1613 to 1638.' Disbursements for the years 1638–44 are found at the end of the receipts section, ff 36–57.

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