Richard Cholmeley's Memorandum Book


f 31v (1 January 1614/15) (New year's gifts)


...William Martin a blank the Piper ij s. ...


(8 January)


Pyper in Christmas Edward a Lynne for his musi<..>e v s. ...

f 35v (26 June)


Iohn a Les first vj <.> then vj d. after for musick & clocke ij s. ...

f 37 (12 September)


The Lord Wyllowbye
his 4 musitiens I gaue 2 s. 6 d./


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    Record title: Richard Cholmeley's Memorandum Book
    Repository: NYCRO
    Shelfmark: ZQG XII 3/1
    Repository location: Northallerton

    On the Cholmeley family and their documents, see the Introduction. The memorandum book is not a formal account, as much of it is taken up with miscellaneous notes and there does not appear to be a formal accounting year.

    1602–15 February 1622/3; English; paper; 138 leaves bound in 3 volumes: 1–14 and 126–138, 15–80, 81–125; 330mm x 225mm (mounts); modern foliation 1–138; originals in poor condition; mounted on modern archival paper and sewn in modern marbled paper boards covered in buff fabric, parchment cover (from a 15th-c. liturgical manuscript) slipped in separate folder along with several fragments.

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