f 178 (Examination of witnesses)


Iohn Swepson of thage of lx yeres & more seythe apon hys othe ... and as to xv Interogatory the seyd deponent seythe that the seid sir humfrey apon corpus Cristy day last past Commandyd hys seruant Anderson to strike the seruant of wylliam Tarre namyd wylliam Iohnson bycause he brake the shynnys of the seid sir humfrey in the pley that was then and at the same tyme pleyd within the seyd towne of Tamworthe forsed with his chene


Iohn ffletcher of thage of xl yeres & more sworn & examyned seythe... the xiiij Interogatory that one wylliam Iohnson seruant with one humfrey Tarre pleyd the part of the devell on Corpus Christi day last & so in the play with his Chene brake the shynnys of the seid sir humfrey & then he seyd to the seyd Iohnson I beshrow thy hert & then on anderson serunt to the seid sir Humfrey after that dyd strike the seyd Iohnson but wherwith he cannot tell...


f 179

Humfrey Tarre of thage of l yeres & more sworn & exmyned seythe to the xiiij Interogatory that his seruant William Iohnson had his hed brokyn on Corpus christi day last past in the pley by on william anderson seruant to the seyd sir humfrey fferreys bycause he brake hys shynnys with his chene but he was not in Iepardye of his lyff...


wylliam toke otherwyse callyd Wylliam Iohnson serunt to the seyd humfrey Tarre of thage of xxj yeres sworn & examyned seyth that apon Corpus christi day last he was on of the pleers in Tamworth & pleyd the devell & as he came by the seyd sir humfrey with his chene onwyttyngly brake the shynnys of the seyd sir humfrey & after Imedyatly on wylliam anderson a seruant of the seid sir humfrey axid hym why he dyd so & he seid it was agenst hys wyll & then the seyd anderson with his dagger brake his hed but by that stroke he was not In Iepardye of his lyff/ also this deponent seyth that on damport then beyng bayly seyd to him that if he wold sey that he was so strykyn as is aforsed he wold vphold hym xl s. for his labor & more in any of the seid Interogatoryes he knoweth not/


  • Marginalia
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  • Footnotes
    • wylliam Tarre: ie, Humfrey Tarre
    • serunt: for seruant
    • exmyned: for examyned
    • serunt: for seruant
  • Glossed Terms
    • axid v pa t asked
    • beshrow v inf, pr to beshrew, to invoke evil upon, to wish (one) all that is bad; an imprecatory expression [OEDO beshrew v 3.b]
    • brake v inf, pa to break
  • Document Description

    Record title: Bett v. Ferrers
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: STAC 2/4
    Repository location: Kew

    This volume of Star Chamber proceedings contains a variety of documents, including the depositions, examination of witnesses, and examination of the defendant in the case of Bett v. Ferrys. The depositions were taken at Tamworth, 18 January 1536/7, by Sir George Greysley and James Leveson. The list of seventeen interrogatories does not survive.

    1536/7; English; paper; 3 leaves conserved on guard sheets; 420mm x 295mm, 370mm x 300mm, and 261mm x 300mm. Now foliated 177–9 and bound in a 19th century volume: vi + 1–228 + vi; binding damaged, spine separating from boards, title on spine 'Star Chamber Proceedings Hen. VIII 4.'

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