Chetham's Library: MUN.A.6.65.A

f 46 (25 October–25 October)


chargis of ye dynnar made by hew bronsgrove & Rychard marshall vppon chryspany day the xxv day of october in ye seventyn yere of ye quenes magestis that now ys

Imprimis for byffe v s. ij d.
Itim for iiij gysse iiij s. vjjd.d.
Itim for iiij pygges iij s. x d.
Itim for ij dossin of bread & ij penyworth ij s. ij d.
Itim for a stryke of malt ij s. ij d.
Itim for spys iiij d.
Itim for mustard ij d.
Itim <...> to ye wyfes xij d.
Itim to gabrell vj d.
some xix s. x d.
  • Footnotes
    • vjjdel>d.d.del>: first j written over i
    • of ... penyworth: written above line filler
    • x: written over j
  • Glossed Terms
    • chrispiane day n phr St Crispin's Day; chryspany day; chryspian day; chryspiane day; crispiany daie; cryspyany day
    • gysse n pl geese
    • seventyn adj seventeenth
  • Endnote

    The only payments to individuals in these dinner accounts are to minstrels; perhaps this 'gabrell' appeared alone this year and received half the usual fee for two minstrels. Note that the fee for minstrels in the following year is also 6d.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Corvisors' and Curriers' Guild Accounts
    Repository: Chetham's Library
    Shelfmark: MUN.A.6.65.A
    Repository location: Manchester

    The Lichfield Corvisors' and Curriers' Accounts migrated by unknown means to Manchester, where they are now preserved at Chetham's Library. The accounting year began on St Crispin's Day (25 October), on which day a guild dinner was held. A second dinner was held on Corpus Christi Day, but there is no evidence that it was associated with a civic procession at the late date of preservation of these accounts.

    c 1562–1623; English; paper; 21 leaves; 412mm x 155mm; modern pencil foliation 41–62; 3 gatherings bound into a booklet, some repair where pages have been torn when booklet folded across at some time; bound in parchment from old (presumably religious) MS, inner cover has 4 columns written at right angles to the booklet, outer cover is written the same way up as the folios of the booklet; flaps on front and rear outer covers, lower half of leather spine and part of the original binding thong survive.

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