A Relation of a Short Survey of 26 Counties

BL: Lansdowne MS 213

f 328v


By this time our Supper stayd for vs, to which we were inforc'd to hasten, & satisfy our appetites there, where we could not obtaine our Hostes Company from his dancing Guests, who were in a merry, & Iouiall humour. The Musitians, (for ffidlers I must not call them) were the Gentleme Waytes of the Towne, that wore the Badge of a Noble braue Lord, and they were of that garb and skil, as they were fitting to play to the nicest eares.

Well, although the neat Minster, the Situation of this cra ⸢sweet⸣ Towne, the modell of a rare, & delicate Creature, & the melodious harmony of the Musicke inuited our longer stay there yet longer wee would not stay...

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    Record title: A Relation of a Short Survey of 26 Counties
    Repository: BL
    Shelfmark: Lansdowne MS 213
    Repository location: London

    In his edition of the MS, L.G. Wickham Legg, 'Introduction,' 26 Counties, p xviii, identified the author as the lieutenant, whose surname was Hammond but whose given name remains unknown. In Lansdowne MS 213, 'A Relation' is followed by commendatory verses by an anonymous friend of the author, and then by a companion piece by Hammond describing a tour of the southwestern counties. The MS is from various dates in the 1630s, but A Relation of A Short Survey of 26 Counties is dated 1634.

    1630s; English; paper; iii + 446 + ii; 273mm x 160mm; modern foliation; paper booklets (several different items bound together); British Library modern maroon leather binding, stippled front and back with Lansdowne arms on front and back covers, title on spine: 'MISCELLANEOUS HISTORICAL TRACTS. XV11 CENT. BRIT. MUS.' Contains (ff 315–46v) 'A Relation of a short Suruey of 26. Counties, breifly describing the Citties and their Scytuations, and the Corporate Townes, and Castles therein. Obseru'd in a Seuen Weekes Iourney begun at the City of Norwich and from thence into the North. On Monday August 11.th 1634. and ending att the same Place. By a Captaine, a Lieutennt, and an Ancient. All three of the Military Company in Norwich.'

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