Corporation Minute Book

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pp 108–9 (30 September) (Assembly minutes)


Also whereas Mr Maior did relate to ye aforesaid Companie the misdemeanours and contempt of Iohn Bagnall, Constable in refuseing to asist Mr Maior, and giveing forth vnfitt speeches and also ye outward violence and contempt shewed against Mr Maior (& as hee did conceave against ye authority of ye Towne) by | Randle Patteson Iohn Harrison ‸⸢butcherThomas Blyth Iunior William Harrison and Thomas Harrison aswell by hyreing ye Bares contrary ‸⸢without⸣ Mr Maiors licence as by bringing them into ye Towne and beating them contrary to Mr Maiors commaundment and other abuses offered by them tending to ye contempt of ye authority of the said Burroughe The Companie has agreed that they and every of them shall bee bound to theire good behaviours/


(6 October) (Assembly minutes)


Whereas att an assembly held att ye Guildhall of ye Burroughe aforesaid ye 30th September. 1635 It was agreed that Iohn Bagnall Randle Patteson. Iohn Harrison. Thomas Blyth Iunior William Harrison and Thomas Harrison for theire contempts offered against the Master Maior and the authoritie of this Burroughe it was agreed that they should bee bound to theire good behaviours.. Notwithstanding this Companie vppon theire humble submissions of all the aforesaid parties, att this assembly before the Companie, They were fined and everie of them seuerallie confessing and acknowledginge theire faults and offences, they companie did release ‸⸢& discharge⸣ them from being bound to theire good behaviours, and find ‸⸢every of⸣ them in Two shillings and sixe pence, which money was then paid the same daie vppon ye Checquer by them and every of them to ye vse of ye Towne/

  • Glossed Terms
    • beating vb n bear baiting
  • Document Description

    Record title: Corporation Minute Book
    Repository: Brampton Museum
    Shelfmark: no shelfmark
    Repository location: Newcastle under Lyme

    The borough records, 1369–1411, consist of elections of officers and admissions of burgesses. After this there occurs a gap until 1490–1510, when the records again consist of elections, admissions, a few orders by the burgesses, and no accounts. Then a further gap occurs until 1590. See Thomas Pape, Medieval Newcastle-Under-Lyme (Manchester, 1928).

    1590–1669; English; paper; vii + 121 + vii; pp 2–147, 242: 340mm x 220mm, pp 148–241: 310mm x 190mm; original foliation to f 50, original pagination, 51–242 (p 243 obliterated by repair to volume; pp 162–3 missing); bound in brown leather with brass studs and closures (nineteenth century), title on front: 'Corporation of Newcastle-under-Lyme (Red Book) 1590 to 1669.'

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