f [1] (27 October) (Depositions of defendants, answer of John Pursall)

Super Interogatorijs ex parte Alkyn et Stanley ministratis./ xxvijo Octobris/

Iohn Pursall of Horseley in the Countie of Stafford Esquier sworne and examined &c.

To the fyrst he saithe that on the same Trinitie sondaye this deponent was in the churcheyarde of ecclesall amongest dyuerse other persones to the nomeber of a C persones that ‸⸢came⸣ game thether to a game accustomably vsyd to be kepte ther yerely vpon the same daye And this deponent knoweth not wether all the persones namyd in this Interrogatory wer there at that tyme or what weapons theye hade And saithe that he himselfe hade a swerde and a dagger And he remembrythe that there was there also Richard Pursall thelder, Raufe pursall Iohn bradshaa. and frances wodnall but what weapons ⸢and saithe⸣ they had he can not tell ⸢all swerdes as they be accustomyd⸣ to weare


f [2]


To the xiiij & xv he saithe that ‸⸢nether⸣ he nor the other persones to his knolege intendyd any hurte to the said alkyn and Stanley when they wer in the same Swaynoates ‸⸢howse⸣ And sayth that they had there a minstrell playng before them to make them mery and for none othere intent


f [2v] (Answer of Raufe Pursall)


To the fyrst second iijd ivth vjth vij viij ix x & xj he saithe that his said father Iohn pursall with this deponent Richard b pursall thelder and francis wodwall hauyng swordes and daggers as they vse to go with all came to the same Ecclesall to a game kepte there at the same Trynitie sondaye as dyuerse othere persones of the Contre there abowte dyd/ And saithe that this <.> deponent being beyng owte of his fathers company and nere thereby in the same churcheyarde espyed the same Alkyn hauyng his hande vpon his dagger and aspekyng insylting wordes to this deponentes fathere/ whereuppon this deponent rame ‸⸢came⸣⸢& dyuerse othere came⸣ to hym and toke the sayd alkyn by the sleve and pullyd hym backe And lykewise he saith that dyuerse other persons therebye made reskewe immediatly betwene them And so they wer partyd asonder And the said alkyn and Stanley went into a howse withowte the churcheyarde/ And this deponentes father wythe thother persones went forthe of the same churche yarde to se the same game shutting game kept And saithe that his saide father offryd not to hurle his dagger ore sayde kyll hym kyll hym/ nore this deponent sawe any swerde drawen on the partye of his sayde father Or that the said Stanley and Alkyn wer dryven owte of the churcheyarde or chasyd into a howse nor that any persone hevyd and shovyd at the dore or intendyd to to haue entred into the same house to them to his sighte & ⸤knolege⸥

  • Footnotes
    • Super ... Octobris/: 'Upon the interrogatories administered 27 October ex parte Alkyn and Stanley'
    • Trinitie sondaye: 27 May 1537
    • churcheyarde: of Holy Trinity Church
    • wodnall: for wodnall (?)
    • Contre: 3 minims for n
    • shutting: second minim of u dotted
    • dryven: r obscured by ink blot
  • Glossed Terms
    • hevyd v pa heaved
  • Document Description

    Record title: Alkyn v. Pursall
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: STAC 2/1
    Repository location: Kew

    1537; English; paper; a collection of documents of various sizes in a volume titled on the spine: 'Star Chamber Proceedings Hen. VIII': (1) Interrogatories: bifolium; 280mm x 390mm; unnumbered (f [2v] blank). Now numbered f 58 and bound as above. (2) Depositions: 8 leaves; 315mm x 200mm; unnumbered (f [8] blank); f [8v] contains endorsement: 'Alkyn v. Pursall.' Now mounted on guard pages, numbered ff 59–66, and bound as above.

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