Information Lodged against Thomas Jacson, Victualler

STRO: Q/SR/91, items 61-2

f [1] (15 April)

...Seventhly that he has & hathe bene a mocker & reprocher of his neyghbors casting Rammes hornes at ther dores & behyde ther backes making hornes over ther head...

  • Footnotes
    • behyde: for behynde; abbreviation mark missing
  • Endnote

    This and the following list of charges against Thomas Jacson, both preserved amongst the papers from the Easter sessions, differ in many respects, most notable of which is that the present list contains, as No 62 (f [2]), a list of signators including Roger Steventon, preacher, Thomas Greene, Erylyton Brockearst, Robert Paddy of Eccleshall, and the following men (also presumably from Eccleshall): Thomas Ingstonor, Richard Addams, John Blakewe, John North, John Underwood, Richard Booth, and Edward Walter. This list begins by mentioning that Jacson had lost his licence to sell ale, but continued to do so without a licence. The charges differ considerably between lists. This list of nine charges comprises allegations that Jacson: broke into a barn and stole corn and hay; has received thieves, whores, and wicked persons; has sold victuals in service and sermon time; has disturbed the preacher, quarreling in the church and churchyard; has been a drunkard and slanderer; has slandered his neighbours' wives in open streets and markets; [extract printed in text]; has enticed men to alehouses out of church in sermon time; and has been a barrator, brawling and sowing discord.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Information Lodged against Thomas Jacson, Victualler
    Repository: STRO
    Shelfmark: Q/SR/91, items 61-2
    Repository location: Stafford

    Easter 1604; English; paper; bifolium; 310mm x 205mm (folios given separate item numbers); written on 1 side; mounted on guard stub and preserved within blue folder.

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