Complaint against Thomas Jacson, Victualler, by Roger Steventon, Vicar

STRO: Q/SR/94, items 69-70

f [1]


He hath led souldiers to destroy my grasse & brought a multitude of youths with tow minstrels before them to destroy my grasse & called for 30 pottes of Ale to bestow vppon them & so continued vntil the Lord Bishop came downe to to delay the disorder...


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    • continued: 6 minims for inu in MS
    • to to: dittography; word repeated after line break
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    This undated letter of complaint, signed by Roger Steventon, is preserved along with Bishop Overton's letter in the papers from the Epiphany 1604/5 sessions. It is quite similar to the preceding list of complaints (Easter sessions, No 63), since Steventon presumably limited himself here to alleged offences committed against him personally. Jacson, he claims: mocked him in church three days together; fought in the churchyard; scoffed at the vicar's sermons; [extract printed in text]; forced an entry into the churchyard; mocked the vicar in the street, daring him to show himself; defamed the vicar's wife ; and defamed the vicar in the churchyard, with clamorous speeches.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Complaint against Thomas Jacson, Victualler, by Roger Steventon, Vicar
    Repository: STRO
    Shelfmark: Q/SR/94, items 69-70
    Repository location: Stafford

    Epiphany 1604–5; English; paper; bifolium; 310mm x 205mm (folios given separate item numbers); written on f [1] only (item 69, recto); mounted on guard stub and preserved within blue folder.

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