STRO: D1323/E/1

f 259v (25 October–24 October) (Mayors' accounts) (Disbursements)


li. s.
Inprimis for ringinge vpon the Eleccion day 00 02 06
ffor musicke the same day 00 02 00


f 260v

li. s.d.


paid Edward Aspenall for goeinge vnto Darby to know if his Maiestie would come this way 00 08 00
giuen a fee and for bringinge a bucke and in wine 00 11 04
paid Iohn Hill for crryinge a letter vnto mr Digby 00 00 04
given to the princes Coachman a fee 01 00 00
To a postilian 00 10 00
To a gent vsher 00 10 00
To a yeoman vsher 01 00 00
To the groome of his Maiesties chamber 01 00 00
To the Trumpeter 00 10 00
To the porter 00 10 00
To the guard 00 05 00
To the dukes footmen 01 <..>⸢12⸣ 00
To the Kinges footemen 05 00 00
To the princes footemen 03 00 00
To his Maiesties Coachman 01 10 00
To the Knight Marshalles men 00 06 08
To Elizabeth Iones for rushes to straw in his Maiesties way to the Church 00 01 00
paid severall men for conveyinge Carriages from hence to Newport and Wellington 00 16 00
ffor a Messenger to Lichfield to provide bread 00 02 06
Against his Maiesties comminge Mr. Leonard Pinckney his Maiesties Comissary sent a Commaund from vnto this Towne to provide 10000 pennyworth of bread for the next day some whereof was spared, by which there was lost and in sellinge of it 00 08 06
Sent one William Close who had 4: horses taken post 00 02 00
I Laid downe to make vp the money 50 li. to present to the Prince in gould 20 00 00
ffor a purse of Crimson plushe with silver stringes to putt it in 00 02 00
paid thomas Clarke for writinge of notes to haue horses brought hither to be sould 00 00 06
paid Iohn Clarke for goeing to Penckriche & Wolverhampton to speake for breade 00 02 06
paid the fee farme Rent vnto his Maiestie which was sent vnto Wolverhampton by Iohn Hill 03 06 08
paid Iohn Hill for carryinge it 00 02 06
  • Footnotes
    • Eleccion day: 24 October 1641
  • Endnote

    Iohn Hill’ is the only person possibly identifiable in this document, because his name twice appears as a carrier of letters and the fee farm rent payable to the king.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Bailiffs', Churchwardens', and Mayors' Accounts
    Repository: STRO
    Shelfmark: D1323/E/1
    Repository location: Stafford

    This volume contains (a) copies of earlier accounts, beginning in 1519, which are in the same hand as entries for the years 1611 onwards, so they presumably were copied by the town clerk or his scribe; (b) accounts of bailiffs, chamberlains, churchwardens, and schoolwardens, because the accounts of the minor officials were presented and approved by the corporation officials before being entered into the town book. In the transcriptions, the entries from the churchwardens are differentiated from the bailiffs' (later the mayors') accounts because they originated from different authorities. The churchwardens' accounting year was 21 December–20 December, with the accounts presented to the bailiffs between 13 February and 19 March, the Friday following Quadragesima Sunday. The bailiffs' accounting year was 18 October–17 October, with the accounts similarly being presented between 13 February and 19 March. The mayoral accounting year was later adjusted slightly to begin the next Monday after St Luke's Day (ie, 27 October).

    1611–62; English; paper; v + 353; 350mm x 225mm (text area variable); modern pencil foliation to f 310 (ff 5–19, 21, 152, 161, 179, 250, 305–53 blank; 60–2, 142–7, 149–50, 153–7, 168, 244–7, and 253 missing; 158, 166, 167, 193, and 201 foliated twice [a/b]; 221 foliated thrice [a/b/c]); early tooled calf binding, much worn, with loose leather cover; remains of brass closures; also preserved is an older (perhaps original?) parchment binding which has title on inside front and back covers: 'Burgiis Stafford Liber Compotus This book was bought and In<.>veded by Richard Drakeford and Iohn Wilson Bailiffes of the said Borough vicesimo die Novembris Anno regn Domini Iacobi vnum Regis Anglie & Nono Scocie <......> gracias. 1611 IS R Drakeford I Willson Bailliffs.' On f [ii] is written: 'The Old Book of Accounts.'

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