WLHC: 276/62*

p 57


Memorandum off a ordinance made be the A vice off the mayre & hys bredyrn for the reparacion & mayntinance off the play Garmentes that ys to wytt þat Smytthus ‸⸢cerrioloes & lymebrennares⸣ & brasiarres myllarres & bacarres to be charged vnto the seyd reparacion in þe one parte

Item in þe second parte scharmanis & taylyorres marserres & drapurres & gloueres & sempstores ‸⸢& barburres⸣ to be charged vn to þe mayntenance to þe sey garmentes in þe secunde parte

Item Coruesarres Barcarres & Bewcheres & Ca<...>t carpentarres & flescharres in the thryd parte


  • Footnotes
    • Smytthus: forSmytthes(?)
    • cerriolous: for carriares(?)
    • scharmanis: forscharmen(?)
  • Glossed Terms
    • bredyrn n pl brethren
  • Endnote

    This account is undated, but follows the accounts for 1493–4 which conclude on the previous page. The wardens' term began on 2 January 1493/4 and concluded on 1 January 1494/5, so the activities accounted for occurred predominantly in 1494. Although the accounts extend from 1462–1531, this is the sole reference to the existence of a parish play.

  • Document Description

    Record title: All Saints' Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: WLHC
    Shelfmark: 276/62*
    Repository location: Walsall

    The church became dedicated to St Matthew at some time after 1531 and is now so known. These accounts were presented each year sometime between 25 December and 30 December; hence, they refer mainly to the second of the two years given in the date in the heading.

    1462–1531; English and Latin; paper; ii + 68 + ii; 220mm x 165mm; modern pencil pagination 2–135; contemporary calf binding (original(?) parchment binding now bound into volume as ff 1, 2, 135, 136, formerly part of an MS written in 2 columns, now indecipherable), title on spine: 'Church-wardens' Accounts 1462/1531,' title on front cover: 'Church-wardens' Accounts. All Saints' Church Walsall, 1462–1531.'

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