Royal Proclamation re Minstrels' Court

TNA: C 66/2738

single mb d (18 July)


A proclamacion for the putting off Tutbury ffayre in the County of Stafford and of the musitians or. Minstrells Court there.

The Kinges most Excellent maiesty haveing appointed to be att his honour of Tutbury vpon the ffifteeneth day of August next where hee intendes to abide ffive nightes. And being informed that the ffaire for the towne of Tutbury neere to the Castle there ys to be holden vpon the same day and that the musitians or minstrelles Court, and the Bull runnyng ys usually there kept the next day following, which will occasion great confluence of People thether. which in theis tymes of infection, his maiesty for the safety of his Royall person and of those that attend him, and in his Princly care to prevent by all good meanes the occasions of danger and dispersion of the Plague, ys pleased to declare his Royall pleasure therein And doth therefore hereby expressely charge and command that Tutbury faire in the County of Stafford which ys vsually holden on the ffifteeneth day of August, shall not for this present yeare be holden on that day, but shall be put of vntill the two and twentith day of the same moneth, and then to be kept att the place accustomed and not before that tyme And that the musitians or minstrelles Court, and the Bull runing shall not be there holden vntill the three and twentith day of August next comeing, notwithstanding anie grant, vsage, or Custome whatsoever. vpon paine of his maiesties high displeasure and such further punnishment as an offence of this nature shall deserve; wherefore his maiesty doeth straightly charge and command all musitians and minstrelles and all other persons whatsoever whoe have not speciall occasion of service or attendance vpon his maiesty there that they forbeare to resort to the said Castle, or Towne of Tutbury dureing all the tyme of his maiesties residence there, And that all Iustices of peace, Sherriffes, Bailiffes, and other his maiesties Officers and ministers whome yt may concerne, doe take care to the due execution of his Royall Comaundes herein, As they will aunswere the contrary att their perilles Given att our honour of windesor the Eighteeneth day of Iuly. (signed) per ipsum Regem


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    • A ... there: written later between sections in MS
    • per...Regem: 'by the king himself'
  • Document Description

    Record title: Royal Proclamation re Minstrels' Court
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: C 66/2738
    Repository location: Kew

    1637; English; parchment; single membrane; 635mm x 255mm. Membrane 6 dors is in a large Chancery patent roll containing over 150 serial membranes bearing various dates.

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