Staffordshire, Wall, 1448–9

Bailiff's Accounts

William Salt Library: ms 50/A2/56

single sheet (29 September–29 September)


...Et solutum pro vino empto pro domino & Iohanni Archer & monachis de Burton <.>bm existentibus apud Lichfeldiam ad assisas i<..> tentas ante ffestum michaelis infra temporem computi xij d. Et solutum histrionibus lichfeldie per preceptum domini ad idem temporem j s. iij d. Et allocatum eidem computo iijs vj d....


  • Footnotes
    • i<..>: likely ibidem
    • computo: possibly computatori
  • Record Translation

    single sheet


    ...And paid for wine bought for the lord and John Archer and the monks of Burton being at Lichfield at the assizes held there before Michaelmas within the time of the account, 12d. And paid to entertainers of Lichfield by order of the lord at the same time, 1s 3d. And allowed to the same account (or accountant), 3s 6d...


  • Glossed Terms
    • Michaelis, -e adj of or pertaining to St Michael; see also terminus
  • Document Description

    Record title: Bailiff's Accounts
    Repository: William Salt Library
    Shelfmark: ms 50/A2/56
    Repository location: Stafford

    Wall was a manor located just to the south of Lichfield, on Watling Street. The lord of the manor was Sir William Vernon. This is the account of John Teddesley, bailiff of Wall.

    1448–9; Latin; paper; single sheet; 750mm x 290mm approximately; damaged at top, bottom, and left side; written (presumably) on 1 side and pasted onto a modern backing sheet.

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