TNA: STAC 1/2/95

single mb (6 June–1 July) (Bill of complaint)

To the Kyng oure Soueraign lorde

Humble shoeth ynto your Highnesse your faithfull subgettes and trewe legemen Roger Dyngley Maire of your towne of walsall ‸⸢in the Counte of Stafford⸣ and Thomas Rice of the same towne with all the inhabitauntes & tenantes of your seid Towne of walsall that Where your seid Oratours tenantes and inhabitauntes of the seid Towne the wennesday nex<.> before Trinite Sonday the xiijth yere of your most gracious reign where in goddes peace and yours in your seid towne of walsall thether came on Iohn Cradely of wedesbury and Thomas Morres of Dudely in your seid Counte and then and there the same day made affray vppon the seid Thomas Rice and hym soore wounded and bett so that he wasse in perell of his life wheroppon the seid Maire With other inhabitauntes of your seid Towne of Walsall ded to arrest the seid Iohn Cradeley and Thomas Morres and ther putt theym in prison accordyng to your lawes ther to remaigne till yt where knowen wheder the seid Thomas Rice shuld leve or dye and incontenent theroppon on Iohn Beamonde Squyer walter leveson of woluerhampton Richard ffoxe prest of the same Towne and on Roger Marshall of wedesbury arreysed and Riottesly assembled theym self at wedesbury afore said with other Ryottous persones to the Nomber of ij hundreth men arreyed in maner of warre that ys to say with bowes arrowes billes and glevez with other vnlaufull weponnz ther geddred and assembled to the entent to haue commen to haue distroyed your seid Towne of Walsall seyng opp<..>ly in oppon audience that they wold fache oute of prison the seid Iohn Cradeley and Thomas Morres and distroye your seid Towne of Walsall <.>nd theropon william harper and william wylkes Iustice of your peace within your seid Counte of Stafford heryng of this Riote and vnlawfull assemble charged the seid riottous personez to kepe the peace oppon a grete payne to be forfeit to your grace by the reson wherof the seid Riotours for that tym sessed of further Riote and ded not accompleshe nor execute theyre seid malicious myndes and ouer that where the seid Iustice of peace knowyng that the seid Riottours with ther nomber and with other gretter nomber entendyng to make more riott and to execute theyr malece in doyng some myschyffe or hurt to the seid Towne or to the inhabitauntes therof for eschewyng of any riotte or breche of the peace in that behalf commaunded boeth the inhabitauntes of the seid Towne of Walsall and also the inhabitauntes of the seid Towne of Weddesbury and of diuerce other townes ther adherentes in the seid Riott that they shuld not assemble to gedyr oute of theyre seid Townes ne shuld not come to affayre that shuld be holden at Wilnale on Trinite Sonday then next folowyng and the seid inhabitauntes of Walsall the same day kept theym at home and come not there accordyng as they were commaunded and that not withstondyng came on frome a towne called hampton within your seid Counte whos name ys william Milner callyng hym selfe the abb<..> <.>f Marram and on Walter leveson with hym with the inhabitauntes of the seid Towne of hampton to the nomber of iiij Score persones in harnes after <...> of warre com to the seid Towne of Wilnall to the seid faire and also on Roger Marchall of weddesbury callyng hym self Robyn Hood and on <...> prest with diuerce other persones to the nomber of an hundreth men and aboef in harnesse came in like wise and met with the seid other <...> seid Towne of Wilnale and then and there Riotesly assembled theym self commaundyng opponly that if any of the towne of Walsall come th<.....> to strike theym downe and in the seid Towne contynued theyr seid Riottous assembleth all the same day and if any man of Walsall at that day at that faire had beyn seyn they shuld haue beyn in Iopardie of theire lyves the wich riottous and ill demeaynyg is not only the breche of your lawes and peace but also to the grete feer and troble of many of your well disposed subgettes dwellyng in thoes parties and to the grete Evill example of other mysdowers if yt shuld be vnpunyshed In consideracion wherof hit wold please your highnesse of your most abundaunt grace to graunte your gracious letters of priuey Seale to be directed to the seid Iohn Bemonde Equyer Walter leveson sir Richard ffoxe prest and Roger Marchall theym commaundyng to appere be fore your Councell at your pales at Westmynster at a certen day and vnder a certen payne there to answere to the premissez and there to abide such direccion as your most noble Councell shall thynke necessarie or expedient and this at the reuerence of god and yn the wey of charite and your oratours shall euer pray to god for the preseruacion of your most noble and Riall astate longe to endure

primo die Iulij anno xiijo ad comparendum <...> &c in dorso <...>

single mb dorse

Termino Michaelis anno xiiijo

Maior et Inhabitantes ville de Walsall contra Iohannem Beamond Armigerum et alios

Emanant inde iij littere separaliter directe infrascriptis Waltero leveson Ricardo ffox & Rogero marshall ad comparendum apud Westmonasterium crastino martini

  • Footnotes
    • wennesday ... reign: 6 June 1498
    • <.>nd: <.> obscured by blot
    • Wilnale: Willenhall
    • abb<..> <.>f Marram: ie, abbot of Marram; tear at right margin, 20mm x 32mm, caused loss of material at ends of 5 lines of text
    • <...>: up to 16 characters illegible
    • on <...> : appproximately 14 characters missing
    • other <...>: approximately 20 characters missing
    • demeaynyg: for demeaynyng(?); abbreviation mark missing
    • Emanant ... martini: written lengthwise along dorse
    • crastino martini: Monday, 12 November 1498
  • Record Translation

    (single mb dorse)

    Michaelmas term, fourteenth year

    The mayor and the inhabitants of the town of Walsall against John Beaumond, esquire, and others

    Three letters are issued, therefore, and sent separately to Walter Leveson, Richard Fox, and Roger Marshall, named within, to appear at Westminster on the morrow of (St) Martin's (Day).

  • Glossed Terms
    • aboef prep above
    • arraysed v pa t raised or levied (money, troops, etc) [OEDO araise v 3]; aresed, arreised, arreysed
    • demeaynyng n demeaning, behaviour
    • equyer n esquire
    • fache v fetch
    • geddre v inf to gather; geddred, gedyryd pa
    • gleve n glaive, spear
    • hampton n likely a shortening of Wolverhampton; hamptonn
    • harnes n harness, gear, equipment, especially military equipment or accoutrement [OEDO harness n 2.a]; harnese; harnesse; harneys
    • Michaelis, -e adj of or pertaining to St Michael; see also terminus
    • riall adj royal
    • terminus, -i n m term, here a law term; ~ Michaelis Michaelmas term
    • to gedyr adv together
    • weddesbury n Wednesbury; wedesbury; widdesbur
    • willenhale n Willenhall; wilnale; wilnall; wilnehale; wylnehale
    • ynto prep into, unto [OEDO into prep and adj 16]
  • Document Description

    Record title: Roger Dyngley v. John Beamont et al
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: STAC 1/2/95
    Repository location: Kew

    This complaint about an affray and its aftermath is brought by Roger Dyngley, mayor of Walsall, and Thomas Rice against a number of defendants.

    1499; English; parchment; 2 membranes sewn onto modern paper binding strips; 298mm x 210mm and 300mm x 535mm respectively. Bound in 19th-c. cloth in a large volume containing cases from STAC 1/2/51–135 inclusive; numbered 95.

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