Answer of John Beamont to the Complaint of Roger Dyngley and Thomas Rice

TNA: 2/19/101

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This is the answer of Iohn Beamont esquier to the
bill of complaint of Roger Dyngley and Thomas Ryse

The seid Iohn Beamont seith that the seid bill is insufficiant vntrue and vncertein to put hym to answer vnto only feyned of malice to put hym to cost trowble and vexacion and also the mater therof is determinable at the comen law to the which he praieth to be remitted sieing the losse if he be forther compelled to answer to the seid bill here in this Court for playn declaracion of the trewth therof he seith that as to any Ryott assemble or any other mysdemenyng ‸⸢supposed⸣ contrarie to the kynges lawes and pes he is therof no thyng gylty but more ouer he seith that the day in the seid bill supposed he was at the seid Town of walsale at which tyme a fray was made ther in the strete but vppon whom or who was the causer therof he cowde nat tell wheruppon one Iohn Cradley seruant to the seid Iohn Beamont went in to the strete to knowe more etentis therof and ther the seid complaynauntes wrongfully emprisoned hym and in most vile maner entreted hym without any resonable cause or occasion gevyn by hym to any of them. and the seid Iohn Beamont seying the maliciouse and evil disposicion of the mair and inhabitantes of the seid Towne departed forthwith owt of the same and went to his place at Weddesbury and he beyng ther came diuerse of his tenauntes and frendes to hym in peseble maner to knowe of the seid misruled persons of walsale aforeseid wold entrete hym and the seid Iohn Beaumont seid vnto them that he dyd knowe no hurt that they or any of them willed vnto hym in this behalfe wheruppon he said tenauntes and frendes pesebly departed whome a gayn/ without that that the seid Iohn Cradeley made any assaut or affraie vppon the seid Tomas Ryse And without that that the seid Iohn Beamont arraysed or assembled hym self with his company riotously in harnese at weddesbury or in any other place and without that that he dyd sey that he wolde ffeche owt of prison the seid Iohn Cradeley and Thomas mores or any of them in any other wey then the law wolde require and without that that he entendyd to destroie the seid Town of walsale and without that that he entended to hurt any of the Inhabitantes of the seid Town as by ther seid bill of complaint they haue alleged All which maters the seid Iohn Beamont is redy to proue as this Court woll award and praieth to be dismysed owt of the same with his resonable costes and damages for his wrongfull trowble and vexacion in this behalue

  • Footnotes
    • etentis: forententis; abbreviation mark missing
    • he: for the
  • Glossed Terms
    • arraysed v pa t raised or levied (money, troops, etc) [OEDO araise v 3]; aresed, arreised, arreysed
    • cowde v pa could, was not able
    • harnes n harness, gear, equipment, especially military equipment or accoutrement [OEDO harness n 2.a]; harnese; harnesse; harneys
    • weddesbury n Wednesbury; wedesbury; widdesbur
  • Document Description

    Record title: Answer of John Beamont to the Complaint of Roger Dyngley and Thomas Rice
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: 2/19/101
    Repository location: Kew

    [1499]; English; parchment; single membrane; 170mm x 300mm; written on 1 side; no endorsement.

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