Answer of Walter Leveson to the Complaint of Roger Dyngley and Thomas Rice

TNA: STAC 2/13/247

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1 The <...> of water leveson to the bill of
complaint of Roger Dyngley and Thomas Rise

The seid water seith that the seid bill is insufficient vntrue and vncertein to put him to answer vnto only feyned of malice to put hym to cost trowble and vexacion and also the mater therof is determinable at the comen lawe to the which he praieth to be remitted seeing the losse if he be forther compelled to answer to the seid bil here &c this for the playn declaracion of the trowith therof the seid water seith that as to any Ryott assemble or any other misdemeaning supposed contrarie to the kinges lawes and pes he is therof no thyng gilty but he seith that he harde sey at hampton where he dwellyth that a rumour and mysdemenyng a yenst the kynges pees was had in the seid Towne of walsale and that the Inhabitantes in the same were riotuously and myscheuously disposed a yenst the seid Iohn Beaumont wheruppon the seid Water with ij of his seruauntes in peseble maner and without any harnesse came to the seid Iohn Beaumont to his seid place at Weddesbury to see him and to knowe howe the seid mair and Inhabitantes of the seid Town of walsale wold entrete hym and the seid Iohn Beamont seid vnto the seid water that he dyd knowe of no hurt that they or any of them willed vnto hym in this behalue Wheruppon the seid Water and hys seruantes pesablie departed Whom a geyn And as to commyng to the seid feir of Willenhale the seid Water seith that it hath byn of olde tymes vsed and accustummed on the seid feire day thatt both the Inhabitantes of the seid Townes of Hamptonn Weddesbury and Walsale haue comynn to the seid feire With such capitains as they haue ⸢of⸣ olde tymes vsed to thentet to gader money With their disportes to the vse and behoffe of the Churche of the seid lordeshippes Wherby grete profit hath growen and come in tymes passed to the seid churches Wheruppon the seid Water with diuerse other of his neyghburs came with the seid William millar in pesable maner to the seid feire accordyng to ther seid old vse and custumme And ther they mette with oon Iohn Walker of Walsale aforeseid with diuerse other Inhabitantes of the seid Town and then and ther made as good chere vnto yem as they shuld doo to ther lovyng Neyghburs/ without that that the seid Water arraysed and people or riotously assembled hym self in maner of warre/ And without that that he entendyd to destroie the seid Town of Walsale or entende to doo any hurt to any Inhabitantes of the same And without that that he dyd sey that he wolde feche owt of Stokkes the seid Iohn Cradeley and Thomas more or any of yem/ And without that that the seid William Harpur and William Wilkes or any of them commanded the seid Water or any of the Inhabitantes of the seid Town of hampton that they shuld nat come at the seid ffeir of Willenhale as by ther seid bil of complaint is alleged All which mater the seid Water is redy to proue as this court woll award and preith to be dismyssed owt of the same with his resonable costes and chardges for his wrongful trowble and vexacion in this behalue

  • Footnotes
    • <...>: c 10 characters lost to hole in paper
    • The: T in display script
    • thentet: for thentent; abbreviation mark missing
    • entende: for entended(?)
  • Glossed Terms
    • arraysed v pa t raised or levied (money, troops, etc) [OEDO araise v 3]; aresed, arreised, arreysed
    • come v inf to come; comyn, comynn pp
    • hampton n likely a shortening of Wolverhampton; hamptonn
    • harnes n harness, gear, equipment, especially military equipment or accoutrement [OEDO harness n 2.a]; harnese; harnesse; harneys
    • pesable adj peaceable; peysable; peysabull
    • pesablie adv peaceably
    • trowith n truth
    • weddesbury n Wednesbury; wedesbury; widdesbur
    • whom n home
    • willenhale n Willenhall; wilnale; wilnall; wilnehale; wylnehale
  • Document Description

    Record title: Answer of Walter Leveson to the Complaint of Roger Dyngley and Thomas Rice
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: STAC 2/13/247
    Repository location: Kew

    [1499]; English; parchment; single membrane; 170mm x 335mm; written on 1 side; dorse has later endorsement: '14 Dyngley vs Leverson.'

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