Replication by Roger Dyngley and Thomas Rice to the Answer of John Beamont

TNA: STAC 2/28/109

single sheet

This is the Replicacion of Roger Dyngley and Thomas Rice as wele in theire Names as in the Names of alle the inhabitantes of the towne of walsale to the bille of answere of Iohn Beamont esquier

The seid Roger and Thomas sayen that the seid bille of ansuere is a mater of Vntrouth and by the seid Iohn ffeyned to colo<.> his offence mysdemeanannte and Riot/ And also vncerten and insufficient to be replied vnto/ Neuerthelesse for replication and playne declaracion of trouth in that behalf/ the seid Roger and Thomas seyen that theire bille of Complaynt is goode sufficiannt and true in euery thing therof/ and over that seyen that Thomas Morys and Iohn Cradeley named in the seid bille of co<.>playnt made assawte vpon the seid Thomas Rice./ and hym bete wounded and maymed contrary to the kynges lawes and peac<...> grete perell and dispeire of his life/ as in the same bille of complaynt it is conteyned/ ffor the which malefaccion and Riot the seid Thomas morys and Iohn Cradeley weretaken and put in the kynges prison/ there to remayne till it were knowen wheder the seide Thomas Rice of the seide stroke and wounde shulde die or live/ And moreover seyen that the seid Iohn Beamont arreised the kinges liege people to thentent to breke the seid prison and to fetche owte the seid malefactours by force/ And for the more euident proof therof/ the seid Roger Dyngley as the kynges officer and maire of his towne of Walsale aforseid send ij credible persones vnto the seid Iohn Beamont to the towne of Widdesbur/ Avysing him in eschewing ‸⸢of⸣ grete inconvenientes and shedding of blode./ as he wolde ansuere to the kynges grace at his perell/ to cause alle suche persones as by his meanes <...> there riottously assembled/ to be allayed and to kepe the kynges peas/ To the which the seid Iohn Beamont made <...> seying/ that yf the seid maire wold delyuer owte of prison the seid malefactours he wolde be contented therewith and medle no further in the mater/ and ouer that seide that he wolde not fynde any suertis for thaym that thei shuld ansuere to the kynges lawes/ and yf the seid maire wolde not be aggreable herevnto the seid Iohn beamont seid that he wolde fetche thaym ffurth owte of prison by ij of the clok and aftir mydnyght with force ageinst the willes of the seid maire and all the inhabitantes of the seid towne of walsale./ orels alle his frendes shulde faile hym/ And so in the seid riottous and malicious mynde contynued/ into the tyme that william Harpour and william wylkes the kinges Iustices ‸⸢of peas⸣ commaunded hym in the kynges name to the contrarie/ Withoute that that the bille of complaynt of the seid Roger and Thomas Rice is sufficient <...>rue or vncerten to put the seid Iohn Beamont to ansuere vnto/ and withoute that the same bille is feyned of malice to put hym to coste trowble or vexacion in maner and fourme as the same Iohn beamont in his seid bille of ansuere hath surmmitted And without that that the seid Iohn Cradeley seruant to the seid Iohn beamont was wrongfully enprisoned/ or in any vile maner was entreted withoute any resonable cause or occasion to hym given by any of the seid complaynantes/ And withoute that/ that the seid Iohn beamont euer sawe any malicious or evill disposicion of the seid maire and inhabitantes of the seid towne of walsale/ wherthrugh he had cause to departe oute of the same towne/ to his place at weddesbury in maner and forme as in his seid ansuere he hath surmitted/ All the which matters the seide Roger Dyngley and Thomas Rice bene redy to verrifie as this Courte wolle awarde/ and therfore thei humbly beseche this noble courte that youre seid complaynauntes m<.>y have aresonable bond vpon the seide Iohn beamont/ that from hensefurth he and alle his be of gode aberyng anenst the kynges tenauntes and inhabitauntes of the seid towne of walsale/ and that thei may live in peas according to his lawes withoute any moo trowbles to thaym to be done by the seid Iohn Beamont or any of his in tyme to come/ ffor the love of god and in way of Charite/

  • Footnotes
    • colo<.>: letter lost to tear at right edge of leaf
    • co<.>playnt: character lost to tear
    • peac<...>: up to 4 characters lost to tear
    • <...>: up to 6 characters lost to tear at right edge of leaf
    • <...>: up to 10 characters lost to tear at right edge of leaf
    • into: for unto(?)
    • <...>: up to 3 characters lost to tear
    • m<.>y: character lost to tear
  • Glossed Terms
    • anenst prep anent, before, in the sight of [OEDO anent prep II]
    • arraysed v pa t raised or levied (money, troops, etc) [OEDO araise v 3]; aresed, arreised, arreysed
    • moo adj more
    • mysdemeanannte n an act of misdemeanour, an actionable offense of misconduct committed by a misdemeanant [OEDO misdemeanant n 1]
    • suertis n pl sureties
    • weddesbury n Wednesbury; wedesbury; widdesbur
  • Document Description

    Record title: Replication by Roger Dyngley and Thomas Rice to the Answer of John Beamont
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: STAC 2/28/109
    Repository location: Kew

    [1499]; English; parchment; single membrane; 370mm x 300mm; written on 1 side; damaged at right side by 2 tears and 3 holes; dorse has later endorsement: 'Walsall, Inhabitants of v Beaumont.'

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