Mayors' Accounts

WLHC: 277/13/1

f [2] (29 September–29 September)


payd to Richard newe for makinge Hackits stilts xvj d.


  • Document Description

    Record title: Mayors' Accounts
    Repository: WLHC
    Shelfmark: 277/13/1
    Repository location: Walsall

    The mayoral term was from Michaelmas (29 September) to Michaelmas with the accounts to be rendered on St Clement's Day (23 November) or occasionally on St Catherine's Day (25 November).

    1594–1642; English; paper; collection of separate papers, each a bifolium (except nos 20 and 25); average leaf size 400mm x 155mm; all sets of documents preserved in separate folders.

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