Manorial Court Roll Excerpt (A)

Bodl.: MS. Douce d.24

f 124 (19 November)


Iurati presentant super sacramentum suum &c.

Et quod quilibet tenens Domini faciet debitum suum ad Hobbyhorse, sicut antiquo tempore consueti fuerunt, sub pena forisfacture tenementorum suorum ad manus Domini.


  • Footnotes
    • ad Hobbyhorse: underlined in ms
  • Record Translation

    f 124 (19 November)


    The jurors present on their oath, etc

    And that each tenant of the lord shall pay his debt to the Hobbyhorse just as they have been accustomed to (do) from ancient times under penalty of the forfeiture of their tenements to the hand of the lord.


  • Glossed Terms
    • hobby horse n hobby horse, a figure of a horse made of wicker or other light material worn about the waist by a performer, typically at a morris dance; hobbe horsse; hobbey horse; hobbie horse; hobbiehorse; hobbihorse; hobbyhorse; hobby horsse; hobbyhorsse; hoby horse; hobyhorse
  • Endnote

    The date given is that of the proceedings of the manorial court of Lewis Bagot, knight, held at Bromley Bagot.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Manorial Court Roll Excerpt (A)
    Repository: Bodl.
    Shelfmark: MS. Douce d.24
    Repository location: Oxford

    The extract is from a letter of two leaves to Francis Douce from William Hamper, Deritend House, Birmingham, 17 February 1823. William Hamper, an antiquary working with the Bagot family papers, wrote to Francis Douce with an excerpt taken from a manorial court roll for Bagot's Bromley, apparently a manor within the parish of Abbots Bromley (or Bromley Paget). The original has not been traced.

    1822–4; English; paper; i + 332; size of leaves varies: ff 124–5v, 235mm x 190mm (letter with relevant extract); modern foliation 1–333 (ff 266, 267 double); modern cloth binding, title on spine: 'LETTERS TO DOUCE 1822–1824 MS. Douce d.24.'

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