Sir Thomas Paget's Household Accounts

STRO: D(W)1734/3/3/280

f [38] (6 January)

Twelfe daye Wednesdaye the vjth of Ianuarie. 1580

Ad prandium
Dominus et domina cum familia

Sir Thomas Manners
My ladie manners
Mr Stanforde
Mrs Stanforde
Mr Bassett
Mr Dethike
Mrs ffoliambe
with their seruauntes
Brawne with the boares heade. Capon stewed mutton and veale stewed sallettes mutton broth⸢broyled⸣ capon broiled. conie buttred. chynes of mutton roste neates tonge baked. mutton roste venison baked pehenne roste swanne baked capon roste and Turkie baked. Gellie conies. Teales. wood cockes. plouers. Snites roste hare baked. blackbirdes roste wildbore baked smallbirdes Reddere gingerbred and fritters./ Ad cenam./ Mutton blackbirdes. calves chawden and gissardes boiled. sallettes. leched beefe mutton. cold conie buttred capon broiled chines of mutton neates tonge baked. mutton roste. venison baked capon roste. Turkie baked. gellid conies. Teales. woodcockes plouers & bake meate. Snites. blackbirdes. Reddere and gingerbred.
Vendita Expensa Remantes
Beefe j stere j centena centena iij j ‸⸢centena iij⸣ quadrantes
Mutton nulla vj centena j quadrans j centena
Geese nulla vij iij<..>
Pigges nulla xiij vj.
Dowckes j centena j centena nulla
Veale iiij ‸dimidium v centene dimidium nulla
Swannes nulla j nulla
Turkies nulla nulla vij.
Pehennes nulla ij.
Capons xij xij C libre
mallardes nulla (blank) nulla
Conies xxiiij xij iiij.
Woodcockes ij nulla xij ij dozen v.
Plouers nulla viiij vj.
Snites nulla xjxvj j
Teales nulla vij viij.
Blackbirdes nulla vj dozen dimidium x dozen dimidium
Butter x libre x ‸⸢libre nullum/
Egges nulla xl C xxxx./
  • Marginalia
  • Footnotes
    • centena: for centene
    • j quadrans: written over line filler
    • xiij: x obscured by smudge
    • C libre: preceeded by 12. changed to 13. written above line filler
  • Glossed Terms
    • chawden n chaudon, a kind of sauce containing chopped entrails
    • dowcke n duck
    • reddere n comp red deer
  • Endnote

    The Paget family was resident at Burton Manor.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Sir Thomas Paget's Household Accounts
    Repository: STRO
    Shelfmark: D(W)1734/3/3/280
    Repository location: Stafford

    These are the accounts of Thomas Paget, 4th Baron Paget. The accounting year of the Paget household was 1 January to 31 December.

    1579–80; English; paper; 167 leaves; 300mm x 200mm; unfoliated; bound in brown leather, much perished, title in ink on front cover, in 18th-c. hand: 'Household Steward's Accounts from 1579,' also titled on f [1]: 'The household book declaringe the daylie and weekelie expences from the xvijth daie of October 1579.'

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