Inventory of Burton Manor

STRO: D(W)1734/2/7/8

f 1 (4 September) (Household inventory)


Item one greate standinge Instrumente with Organ pypes bellowes and virginalles with locke and keye to it


Item one paire of virginalles white.


f 8



Item one payre of virginalles couered with blacke leather


  • Marginalia
    • The greate Chamber
    • The Myddle Chamber over the Gate
    • Mr Byrdes chamber nexte to that././
  • Glossed Terms
    • virginalles n usually a keyed musical instrument with plural form refering to one instrument, but here possibly the keyboard(s) to an organ (?); virginalls; virginialls
  • Endnote

    The Paget family was resident at Burton Manor.

    ‘Mister Byrdes chamber’ presumably refers to William Byrd, lutenist and composer (1539/40–1623), who is also mentioned on each day in guest-lists (not transcribed here) from Saturday, 6 August 1580 to Monday, 15 August inclusive. His name occurs sometimes at supper, sometimes at dinner, sometimes at both meals in the day. Byrd’s association with Lord Thomas Paget got him into trouble in 1583, when Paget fled to the continent.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Inventory of Burton Manor
    Repository: STRO
    Shelfmark: D(W)1734/2/7/8
    Repository location: Stafford

    4 September 1580; English; paper; 17 leaves; 300mm x 200mm; ink foliation; stitched; no cover, titled in ink on front: 'An Inventorie taken the fourthe of September 1580....'

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