Benefactors to Winchester

Bodl.: MS. Top. Hants. c. 5

f 59 (after 18 April)


To prouide a Race Cupp yeerlie to be ran for on Weddensday in the Easter weeke for euer

John Lord Marquess of Winchester gaue Thirty poundes

Henry Earle of Southampton gaue twentie pounds

The Lord Sands gaue Twentie pounds

The Lord Mountague gaue fiue pounds

Sir Henry Wallopp x l. Sir Francys Dowse x l. Sir Gerard Fleetwood x l.

Sir Richard Titchborne 5 l. Sir Robert Oxenbridge 5 l. Sir John Cooper v l.

Sir Francis Inglefield 5 l. Sir Hugh Stickly 5 l. Sir Henry Clarck v l.

Sir Henry Whithead 5 l. Sir William Lile 5 l. Mr Robert Wallopp 5 l.

Sir John Carill 5 l. Sir Edward Baynton 5 l.

Mr Dutton 5 l. Mr Letton 5 l. Mr Thomas Webbe 5 l. Mr Parkinson 5 l.

Mr Fleming 5 l. Mr White 5 l. Mr William Coreham 5 l. Mr Thomas Henslow 5 l.

Mr Hampden Dowse 3 l. Mr Wells 3 l. Mr Clarck 40 s. Mr Webb junior 40 s.

Mr Robert Freak 40 s. Mr Nicholas Venables ‸⸢40 s.⸣ in the total amounting to 215 li. – 0 – 0

whereof donation being made of Twentye pounds for plate prouided for the first race the remaynder was 195 l. which was deliuered to the Cittie to prouide a Cupp for euer att sutch rates as by articles to bee agreed vppon showld bee sett downe

The first race began on Wednesday in Easter weeke 1629

Mr Ralph Rigges being Maior


  • Footnotes
    • Easter weeke: 5–11 April 1629
  • Endnote

    This record is not dated, but the race it refers to was run on the Wednesday after Easter, 18 April. The reference to Henry Wriothesley (1573–1624), 4th earl of Southampton, is probably erroneous. The earl concerned was almost certainly Thomas Wriothesley (1608–67), the 5th earl. John Paulet succeeded as 5th marquess of Winchester in February 1628/9. William, 4th Baron Sandys of the Vyne, succeeded as a minor in 1623, and died 12 November 1629. Sir Henry Wallop (1568–1642) lived at Farleigh Wallop; his son Robert (1601–67) was son-in-law of Henry Wriothesley (1573–1624), 4th earl of Southampton, an MP, and one of the judges at the trial of King Charles I. Sir Henry Clarck lived at Avington, just east of Winchester. On f 95 of Benefactors, as part of his poem, 'The Declaration of Caerguent's Lament,' Trussell says:


    The illustrious Iohn, Lord Marquis, well incites

    Southamptons Erle and many lords and knightes

    And other generous gentlemen to meet

    and heer an horse race keep each Easter weeke...'

  • Document Description

    Record title: Benefactors to Winchester
    Repository: Bodl.
    Shelfmark: MS. Top. Hants. c. 5
    Repository location: Oxford

    This list of benefactors of Winchester was compiled by John Trussell (bap. 1575–1648), mayor of Winchester in 1624–5 and 1633–4, and the author of several historical works, including A Continuation of the History of England (1636), which extended Samuel Daniel's history from Edward III to Henry VII (ODNB). The date is uncertain. The writings, mostly in Trussell's own hand, are dated between 1617 and 1647 except for a list of mayors dated 1648–56 in a different hand, so the compilation may have been made by someone else, after Trussell's death in 1648.

    1617–c 1647; English; parchment; i + 104 + i; 345mm x 255mm; contemporary and more recent pencil foliation (followed below); fairly good condition, some fading; single leaves bound together, (19th-c.?) red morocco binding, gold blocked title on spine: 'Trussell's Benefactors to Winchester City. 1636 1 Charles 12.'

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