Probate Inventory of Gilbert Tichborne

HRO: 1636A78/2

f [1] (22 December) (In the parlour)


Item 2 Staves one old paire of virginalls, 1 fforme of Wainscott, 2 Covers & one Tubb with other Lumber there 0–10–0


  • Glossed Terms
    • virginalles n usually a keyed musical instrument with plural form refering to one instrument, but here possibly the keyboard(s) to an organ (?); virginalls; virginialls
  • Endnote

    Gilbert Tichborne was a member of the Tichborne family that held Tichborne manor, about five miles east of Winchester, although at his death Gilbert lived in Winchester itself. His will (HRO: 1636A78/1) suggests that he had no immediate family at the time of his death, as the main bequests were made to his nephew Sir Richard Tichborne (c 1578–1652), 2nd Baronet Tichborne, and to his other nephews, Sir Walter, Sir Benjamin, and Sir Henry Tichborne. Gilbert must have been a younger brother of Sir Benjamin Tichborne (c 1542–1629), 1st Baronet Tichborne and father to Sir Richard.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Probate Inventory of Gilbert Tichborne
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: 1636A78/2
    Repository location: Winchester

    22 December 1636; English; paper; 2 sheets folded in half vertically, first 2 leaves written on, last 2 blank; 380mm x 150mm; unnumbered.

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