Hampshire, Winchester, 1629–30

Court Case Concerning A Dancing Master

HRO: W/D1/288

single sheet

ffranciscus Hamlin attachiatus est ad respondendum Henrico ffissher de placito transgressionis super casum Et vnde idem Henricus ffissher per Iohannem Morne Attornatum suum queritur quod cum idem ffranciscus Hamlin <.> arte sua qua vtitur vsus est facere et aptare panduras Anglice fiddles or violls-, Cumque idem ffranciscus Henricus fuit et est pedotriba Anglice one that teacheth children howe to dance or exercise there bodies Cumque vicesimo die Augusti Anno Regni Domini nostri Caroli Regis nunc Anglie etc Quinto hic apud Civitatem Wintonie infra iurisdictionem huius Curie in consideracionem duodecem denariorum legalis monete Anglie per eundem Henricum ffissher eidem ffrauncisco premanibus solutorum et septem solidorum per eundem Henricum eidem ffrancisco ‸⸢soluendorum⸣ post facturam duarum pandurarum Anglice of two fiddells or violls pro eodem Henrico per eundem ffranciscum fiendarum in se assumpsit et eidem Henrico adtunc et ibidem fideliter promisit quod ipse idem ffranciscus duas panduras Anglice two fiddles or violls pro eodem Henrico faceret et aptaret infra quindecem dies Anglice within fortnight tunc proximas sequentes, predictus tamen ffranciscus promissionem et assumpcionem suas predictas minime curans sed machinans et fradulenter intendens eundem Henricum ffissher in hac parte callide et nequiter decipere et defraudare duas panduras iuxta promissionem et assumpcionem suas predictas non fecit et aptavit per quod idem Henricus ffissher nonnulla proficua et emolumenta in arte pedotribe qua tunc vtebatur et adhuc vtitur perdidit et amisit vnde idem Henricus dicit quod deterioratus est et damnum habet ad valenciam quadraginta solidorum et inde producit sectam suam etc

  • Record Translation

    single sheet

    Francis Hamlin has been attached to answer to Henry Fissher concerning a plea of offence on the case, and in respect whereof the same Henry Fissher through John Morne his attorney complains that, whereas the same Francis Hamlin, by his craft which he employs, was employed in the making and adjusting of stringed instruments, in English, fiddles or viols, and whereas the same Francis Henry was and is a pedotribe, in English, one who teaches children how to dance or exercise their bodies, and whereas on the twentieth day of August in the fifth year of the reign of our lord, King Charles, now of England, etc, here at the city of Winchester within the jurisdiction of this court, in consideration of 20d of legal English money paid by the same Henry to the same Francis in advance, and 7s to be paid by the same Henry to the same Francis after the making of two stringed instruments, in English, of two fiddles or viols, to be made for the same Henry by the same Francis, he undertook, and to the same Henry then and in the same place promised faithfully, that he himself, the same Francis, would make and adjust the two stringed instruments, in English, two fiddles or viols, for the same Henry within the fifteen days, in English, within the fortnight then next following. However, the aforesaid Francis, caring little for his aforesaid promise and undertaking, but contriving and intending deceitfully to cheat and defraud cunningly and wickedly the same Henry Fissher in this matter, did not make and adjust the two stringed instruments according to his aforesaid promise and undertaking. By which cause the same Henry Fissher has been deprived of and lost no small amount of profit and benefit in the profession of pedotribe, in which he was then employed and is still employed. Wherefore the same Henry says that he is damaged and has loss to the value of forty shillings, and in respect thereof he presents his suit, etc.

  • Glossed Terms
    • pandura, -e n f in CL a 3 stringed lute, here evidently a bowed stringed instrument
    • pedotriba, -e n m a teacher of children [cp DML paedotribes]
    • Wintonia, -ie n f Winchester; Wyntonia, -ie
  • Document Description

    Record title: Court Case Concerning A Dancing Master
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: W/D1/288
    Repository location: Winchester

    The city court in Winchester was held twice a week, the mayor and bailiffs presiding. The main business of the court was private pleas of debt and trespass, though at times it was also concerned with regulating the activites of the trades.

    In the early twentieth century aldermen Jacobs and Zahndorf organized the records of the city court, the piepowder court, and quarter sessions by grouping them and binding them into volumes like this one. This document appears in a collection of miscellaneous town court records, files, and piepowder court records ('City Court,' HRO online catalogue: http://calm.hants.gov.uk/Record.aspx?src=CalmView.Catalog&id =W%2fD%2f1). It is not dated but ordered chronologically by the date to which it refers.

    1593–1631; Latin; paper; single sheet; 235mm x 178mm; numbered 163, foliated 182; mounted on a guard paper, modern binding.

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