Corporation Proceedings Book

HRO: W/B2/3


f 5 (21 December)

Whereas Divers persons within the Citie Contrarie to expresse Commandement & publique notice to them geven for the restrainte of bulbaitinge and other such like exercises beinge meanes in this Danger of Infection to drawe concorse & assemblie of people, have nevertheles in open and manifest contempte of the premisses assembled themselves & a grete nomber of people <.> in the places adioyninge to the Citie & have there havnted bulbaitinge & such like unlawfull exercises, It is therefore ordred that the saide parsons present at the saide bulbaitinge for theire Contempte in this behalf to the Danger of the Inhabitantes of the Citie and evill example of others shallbe Committed to the prison of the Citie, and before theire enlargement shallbe bounde with suerties for theire good behavior & theire aparance at the next quarter Sessions then to answere the premisses/


  • Document Description

    Record title: Corporation Proceedings Book
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: W/B2/3
    Repository location: Winchester

    Despite the title on the spine, the earliest records in this book are dated 1593. Other 1593 records appear in book A. The dates after 1599 are haphazard. The flyleaf of the modern binding has the following: '"My books" Blind tooled and morocco printed | They have Zaehnsdorfs daintiest dress. Austin Dobson, Longmans Magazine.'

    1593–1625; English; paper; ii + 91 + ii; 293mm x 197mm; contemporary foliation; original parchment cover retained within early 20th-c. black leather binding, title on board and spine: 'City of Winchester Proceedings of the Corporation July 6 1597 to Apr 3 1605 B.'

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