Probate Inventory of Thomas Stempe

HRO: 1581 B107


f [1v] (In the lower chamber)


Item j pair virginalls xxvj s. viij d.


  • Glossed Terms
    • virginalles n usually a keyed musical instrument with plural form refering to one instrument, but here possibly the keyboard(s) to an organ (?); virginalls; virginialls
  • Document Description

    Record title: Probate Inventory of Thomas Stempe
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: 1581 B107
    Repository location: Winchester

    Thomas Stempe was warden of Winchester College from 1556 until his death. Stempe's will is dated 5 February 1580/1 and the probate is dated 20 April. He died on 9 February 1580/1 according to Kirby, referring to his obit in the college cloisters (which are no longer there) (Annals of Winchester, p 280).

    1580–1; English; paper; bifolium with text on all four sides; 347mm x 235mm; unnumbered.

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