City Account Roll

HRO: W/E1/9

mb [1] (29 September–29 September) (Mayor's expenses with gifts)

...<......> ministrall' Domini Regis iij s. iiij d. Et datum ministrall' Ducis de Surrey xx d. Et datum ministrall' Regis ffrancie xx d.... Et in viij virgis dimidium straguli & v virgis dimidium panno coloris empto pro ministrallis Ciuitatis xvj s. viij d.... Et datum iij ministrallis Ducis de Aumarle iij s. iiij d.... Et datum ministrall' Ducis de Excester <......> ... Et datum iij ministrallis domini Regis vj s. viij d. Et datum iiij ministrallis Ducis Eboracum v s....

mb [2]

...Et datum cuidam ministrallo domini <...>... Et datis ministrallis ville querentibus Tron x s....

  • Footnotes
    • <...>: up to 40 characters lost to tear on right side of mb
  • Record Translation

    mb [1] (29 September–29 September) (Mayor's expenses with gifts)

    ...<......> to minstrels/a minstrel of the lord king, 3s 4d. And given to minstrels/a minstrel of the duke of Surrey, 20d. And given minstrel(s) of the king of France, 20d.... And on eight-and-a-half yards of striped cloth and five-and-a-half yards of cloth of one color bought for the minstrels of the city, 16s 8d.... And given to three minstrels of the duke of Aumerle, 3s 4d.... And given to minstrels/a minstrel of the duke of Exeter <......> ... And given to three minstrels of the lord king, 6s 8d. And given to four minstrels of the duke of York, 5s....

    mb [2]

    ...And given to a certain minstrel of lord <...> ... And given to minstrels of the town getting the Tron, 10s....

  • Endnote

    The right side of mb [1] is damaged where the beginning of the entry for the king's minstrel would be.

    The top right part of mb [2] is missing; a section of the record is damaged, approximately an inch and a half wide. The tron was the city's weighing machine, usually kept in the Staple. The tron was taken up St Giles' Hill at the time of St Giles' Fair; perhaps the city's minstrels (that is, the waits) had been given that responsibility (VCH: Hampshire, vol 5, pp 36–44, British History Online, [accessed 20 January 2017]).

  • Document Description

    Record title: City Account Roll
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: W/E1/9
    Repository location: Winchester

    The city account rolls record all of the city's income and expenditures. Income comes primarily from annual rents and rates, as well as special levies. Expenditures include the whole range of civic responsibilities, including construction and maintenance of civic structures, annual payments to civic officials, and rewards given to local nobility and gentry (and to their performers). The account rolls up to 1420 incorporate the accounts of several officials (including the mayor, bagmen, aldermen, and clerk of the market), as the chamberlains had not yet been recognized as responsible for all civic finances. The accounting period runs from Michaelmas to Michaelmas.

    1397–8Latin; parchment; 4 membranes attached at the top; 247–688mm x 172–325mm; unnumbered; mbs [1–2] written on one side only; paper wrapper inscribed: 'City Roll 22 Richard II.'

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