Winchester College Inventory

Winchester College Archives: 21866

mb [2] (16 August)

Organa Cruces de Cupro & Thurribla de Cupro ...Item alia crux de cupro deaurato cum baculis pro Episcopo in die innocentium...
  • Record Translation

    mb [2] (16 August)

    Organs, copper crosses, and copper thuribles ...Likewise another cross of gilded copper with staves for the bishop on the day of the Innocents...
  • Document Description

    Record title: Winchester College Inventory
    Repository: Winchester College Archives
    Shelfmark: 21866
    Repository location: Winchester

    This is an inventory of all goods and utensils in the chapel and offices of the college, including the library and chapel books (Himsworth, Winchester College Muniments, vol 1, p 63).

    16 August 1432; Latin; parchment; 3 membranes, attached at top; 440–610mm x 238–45mm; unnumbered; 20th-c. wrapping.

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