Mayor's Accounts

Southampton City Archives: SC5/3/15

p 5 (29 September–29 September) (Payments)


Payd vnto the Kinges Players to begonne out of toune and nott to playe 00 05 0


p 6


Payd vnto Prinse Charlles Players to rid them out of ttoune 01 00 0


  • Marginalia
    • 1634 March 27
    • September 7
  • Endnote

    These payments occur in the regular payments section, rather than those for poor relief, as in the case of those in the 1631–2 accounts (see Mayor's Accounts, 1631–2). The payment immediately before that to the king's players on p 5 has a notation in the left margin: '1634 March' followed by '27.' (These accounts have a column on the left with the month, a narrow column to the right of that with the number date, then a wide column with descriptions of the payments, and finally a column for the amounts on the far right.)

  • Document Description

    Record title: Mayor's Accounts
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC5/3/15
    Repository location: Southampton

    Titles on original covers identify these as the mayors' books of 'casualties': here meaning fines and payments for a variety of civic expenses as well as accounts of poor relief, the last often taking up the largest part of the book. These books, each covering a single accounting year from Michaelmas to Michaelmas, appear to be rough accounts which were copied into the Books of Fines at the end of each accounting year. Some have their original parchment covers, others have replacement paper covers of the late eighteenth century.

    1633–4; English; paper; i + 10 + ix; 215mm x 155mm; original ink pagination; contemporary parchment cover lined with paper, title on board: 'An Accompt of all Such Money as I Peter | Clungeon haue Recaued and Payd for the Towne | of Southampton And allso for the Poore of the | Same Towne In the time of My Maioralty | viz. from the feast of St Michaell 1633 until | the Same feast 1634,' with a note under it: 'Thet Booke was Audited | the 19th daye of maye 1641 | And entred into the Audit | Bookes for the yeare 1634.'

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