Apprenticeship Register of Poor Children

Southampton City Archives: SC9/2/13

f 8 (29 September–29 September)


This daie Iohn west sonne of Iohn west late of the said Towne of Southampton Porter was bounde apprentice to william Greene of the saide Towne of Southampton Musitian by the Overseers and Churchwardens of the parishe of All Saintes within the saide Towne by and with the Consente of the saide Mayor and dyuers Iustices of peace of the saide Towne acordinge to the Statute in that case provided vntill he shall accomplishe his age of xxiiij yeres In Consideracion whereof he the said William Greene Greene has is to receave from Iohn Broadwaye the Carryer of this Towne being vncle to the saide Apprentice the some of xxx s.


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    Record title: Apprenticeship Register of Poor Children
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC9/2/13
    Repository location: Southampton

    Contents are as stated on f 1: 'The names of Poore Children bounde Apprentice by the Maior Aldermen and Assistauntes of the Towne of Southampton for the tyme beine as followeth vizt.' This register was distinct from the general register of apprentices begun at the same time (SC9/2/12), which recorded apprenticeships privately arranged by indenture. The poor apprentices were children of paupers, and often orphans, for whom the parish and town took responsibility, and apprenticing them was seen as a preventative against vagrancy. For further details about the apprenticeship arrangements, see the introduction to Wills and Merson, Southampton Apprenticeship Registers, pp ix–lxvi. It is interesting that the musicians get apprentices only from among the poor children and that is also true of apprenticeships recorded before this register was started.

    24 November 1609–19 March 1706; paper; English with some Latin rubrics; iii + 89 + xii; 297mm x 202mm; modern pencil foliation; good condition; 18th-c. paper cover, title on front of cover: 'Book of Apprentices | 1609 to 1705.|.'

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