Assembly Book

Southampton City Archives: SC2/1/6

f 80v (13 January)


This daye Thomas Grymes of London Dawncer with Ann his ‸⸢betrothed⸣ wife were called to the howse And Comaunded to depart out of the Towne which he hath assuredlye promissed to doe and depart the Towne by this daye Seavenight videlicet the xxth daye of this instant/


f 86 (24 February)


Thisdaye one katherin Iobson a widdow: with in William Tompsonsthe Musitian a New Commer is ordered to Depart the Towne by thaanuntiation next/


  • Marginalia
  • Footnotes
    • Commer: 5 minims for mm
  • Glossed Terms
    • seavenight n sennight
  • Document Description

    Record title: Assembly Book
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC2/1/6
    Repository location: Southampton

    The assembly book is a minute or act book of the town council, recording its decisions on a variety of matters, including taxes and customs duties, poor relief, enrolling of freemen and burgesses, the election and duties of town officials (including the musicians), and offences such as selling goods or keeping an alehouse without a proper licence. The council met roughly once a week, normally on Friday. The date of the meeting heads each group of minutes or memoranda and the names of the mayor and aldermen present appear in the left margin. Frequently rubrics identifying each action occur just above or to the left of the main entries.

    12 March 1603/4–7 October 1642; English; paper; 331 leaves; 418mm x 281mm; modern pencil foliation followed here (original ink foliation begins on f 7 and leaves out f 9, then begins again with f 2 at the pencil f 18); good condition, first 16 folios damaged and repaired; heavy parchment cover with leather straps, no original title, '1602 to 1642' inked in same hand that has titled so many of the Southampton muniments.

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