Book of Instruments

Southampton City Archives: SC2/6/6

f 202 (7 March)

Anna Regina

Anne by the grace of god Queene of England Scottland fraunce and Ierland. To all Iustices of the peace, Maiors M Sheriffes Bayliffes and all other his Maiesties Officers and loveinge subiectes to whome yt shall or maye appertaine greetinge. Know yee that of our speciall grace and favour, Wee are well pleased to authorize vnder our hand and signett the bearers hereof our sworne seruauntes Roberte Lee, Martin Statier and Roger Barfeld with theyr fellowes and Asociates beinge our Commedians vppon theyr humble suite vnto vs for theyr better maintenaunce Yf att anie tim<.> they should haue occasion to travell into anie parte of his Maiesties dominions to playe Tragedyes, historyes, Commedies and pastoralls aswell in and about the Cittye of London, and ‸ ⸢in⸣ all other Cityes vniuersities & townes att all time anie times, (the time of divine seruice onlye excepted) Theis<.> are therefore to will and requier you vppon the sight hereof quiettlye an<.> favourablye (withe your best favours) to permitt and suffer them to vse theyr sayd qualitye within your Iurisdicions without anie of your molestacons or troubles, and also to affourd them your Townehalls and all other such places att anie time haue benn vsed ‸⸢by⸣ for men of theyr qualitye, That they maye be in the better readines for our seruice when they shalbe therevnto Commaunded, Nott doubtinge butt that our sayd seruauntes shall find the more favour for our sake in your best assistaunce, Wherein you shall doe vnto vs acceptable pleasure. Given at the Court of Whitehall, the seaventh daye of Marche 1605./

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  • Footnotes
    • Whitehall: in italic script
    • 1605: underlined in MS
  • Glossed Terms
    • ierland n Ireland
  • Endnote

    While the warrant was originally written on 7 March 1605/6, the copying of the warrant cannot be dated very exactly: it is preceded by copies of petitions to both Elizabeth and James about how Southampton was suffering from encroachment on its monopoly of the sweet wine trade. None of these, including the last and longest to James, is dated. The item following this warrant, on f 203, is dated 12 November 1606. The dated item closest but before the warrant (f 192v) is dated November 1606 and the one before that (f 191v) 26 October 1606, so it seems likely that the queen's men visited Southampton in the fall, possibly early November, and their warrant was copied at that time.

    The outside edge of the leaf has been trimmed in the process of repairing the manuscript, leading to occasional missing letters (here indicated by the diamond brackets).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Book of Instruments
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC2/6/6
    Repository location: Southampton

    The Book of Instruments' contents include copies of a range of civic documents, including indentures, statutes, debts, acquittances, official letters, apprenticeships, and more, continuing the collection of such documents important to the town in Knaplocke's Book. A note pasted on the back of the first flyleaf indicates that this volume was repaired in 1970 and that earlier repairs, including trimming the edges of the leaves, had been done somewhat carelessly. The original volume may also have brought together several loose books. In general, items appear in chronological order, but there are enough exceptions to suggest that things were moved around in binding, or – more likely – that those entering the copies might go back to fill a blank leaf, rather than insisting on a strict chronological order.

    1597–1689; English with Latin mainly in date headings; paper; ii + 374 + ii; 375–91mm x 255–60mm; modern pencil foliation at bottom of leaves followed (pencil foliation at top of leaves gets into some difficulty around f 118, which is followed by '118 (B)' at the top, while bottom is correctly 119); red-leather-covered board cover, metal and leather clasps, title on spine: 'THE BOOK | OF | INSTRUMENTS || SC2/6/6.'

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