Second Book of Debts

Southampton City Archives: SC5/2/2


f 213 (29 September–29 September)


more geven to the Queenes players, as in debitor, folio 210 xx s.


  • Marginalia
    • 198.
  • Footnotes
    • 210: cross-reference to corresponding entry on f 210
  • Endnote

    Folio 210 is nearly blank, suggesting that the corresponding entry to this one, along with several others, was never written down.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Second Book of Debts
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC5/2/2
    Repository location: Southampton

    Folios 1–82 contain an account of debts similar to those in the First Book of Debts. The first twenty-four leaves contain an alphabetical index of debts. Annual audit accounts begin at f 84 and run to f 241, covering the years 1603 to 1617. The accounts of the auditors cover the whole range of the city's finances, including those recorded in the stewards' accounts and in the mayors' accounts. The accounting year runs from Michaelmas to Michaelmas. For the years 1603 to 1615 items of both receipt and expense are each entered twice, once as credits and once as debits, with folio numbers and marginal reference numbers making cross-referencing easy. Many items are entered in great detail – such as rents, scavage receipts, fees and expenses for town officials, loans, and loan payments. Others, however, are not entered in nearly the same detail as in the stewards' and mayors' accounts, notably gifts and rewards, as well as the costs of construction and repairs. Thus some years covered by these accounts that yield no references to itinerant entertainers may have seen visits that were lumped with other gifts and rewards in the audit accounts.

    November 1591–November 1617; English; paper; xxiv + 321 + iii; 424mm x 297mm; original ink foliation (versos have folio numbers corresponding to the facing rectos, ff 242–319 unfoliated and blank); good condition; original brown leather binding intricately tooled with pattern of flowers and leaves, no title.

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