Mayor's Accounts

Southampton City Archives: SC5/3/8

f 5v (29 September–29 September)

Lyveries for officers as followeth

the ixth day of December 1580


Henry the Minstrell j yeardes ij quarters


  • Footnotes
    • 1580: underlined in MS
  • Endnote

    This list of the liveries given appears on a separate page at the end of the accounts and was not copied into the Book of Fines. In the payments is an entry concerning the total cost of the liveries: 'paid to Mr. Carewe of London draper for xlvj yeardes quarter of broad Cloth at viij s. the yeard for Lyueries for the townes officers – xviij li. x s.' (f 3).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Mayor's Accounts
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC5/3/8
    Repository location: Southampton

    The titles on the original covers identify the mayors' books as accounts of 'casualties': here are fines and payments for a variety of civic expenses, as well as accounts of poor relief, the last often taking up the largest part of the book. These books, each covering a single accounting year from Michaelmas to Michaelmas, appear to be rough accounts which were copied into the Books of Fines at the end of each accounting year. Some have their original parchment covers, others have replacement paper covers of late eighteenth-century provenance.

    1580–1; English; paper; 6 leaves; 320mm x 205mm; modern pencil foliation; cover of a parchment sheet from a missal, original title on front too faded to read, except 'Anno 1580,' 18th-c. inked title: '1580 | Mayors | Accounts.'

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