Second Book of Remembrance

Southampton City Archives: SC2/1/4

f 11 (29 September–29 September) (Borough accounts)


Wherof is payed yerely for fees of men of lawe and attorneyes wages and lyvereis of the towne Clerk Seriauntes Prestes ministrellis & obites the Summes herafter folowing that is to say


f 11v


Item paied to the kinges ministrelles and to the kinges fotemen this yere xiij s. iiij d.
Item paied to the Quenes ministrelles this yere vj s. viij d.
Item paied to the Erle of Arundelles ministrellis vj s. viij. d.


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    • Rewardis of ministrellis

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    • Rewardis … ministrellis: in display script
  • Document Description

    Record title: Second Book of Remembrance
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC2/1/4
    Repository location: Southampton

    The contents of this Book of Remembrance include copies of ordinances made during the mayoralty of Thomas Overay (1490–1), as well as illustrative examples of accounts, a corporation rental, and other civic records from that period. Some records of the admiralty court from the eighteenth century are also included. In 1491 mayor Thomas Overay instituted extensive reforms in town government, including its accounting practices. For that reason, the borough accounts kept by the stewards were also copied into the Second Book of Remembrance. The accounting year ran from Michaelmas to Michaelmas. Most of the amounts recorded were annual and customary ones paid as wages to the officers of the town, for example, the town clerk, sergeants, and cranemen. The accounts also include amounts spent on liveries and on obits (see Thick, Southampton Steward's Book, pp xvi–xvii.) Possibly the authorities felt the need to record the rewards to minstrels in this year when new ordinances were established in order to set out the traditional practices and amounts involved in receiving visits by such entertainers.

    The date at the beginning of this set of accounts is given as 'MCCCClxxxj' with a fourth 'x' added above the line by another hand, presumably to agree with the date of Overay's mayoralty and the regnal date, which is given as 6 Henry VII. The ordinances which precede these accounts give a date of 1 July, 6 Henry VII, as the date on which the assembly established these ordinances as remedies for the grievous complaints that threatened 'thutter distruction' of the town (f 5v).

    1490–1; Latin and English; paper; 118 leaves; contemporary ink foliation to f 53, modern pencil foliation thereafter; original parchment cover with some writing on front, mostly too faded to read: two B's near the top, but separate from each other, lower down, '32,' and below that 'liber Rememora<...>s.'

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