Steward's Accounts

Southampton City Archives: SC5/1/28

f 33 (29 September–29 September)


Item fyrst paid the xxiij day of Iune to the Clerke of the markett by master mayre ys Commandement Summa vj s. viij d.
Item paid the same tyme to the kynges trumpettes vj s. viij d.
Item paid to master mayre in presens of master hussey for the ys quene ys ffouttmen at nyʒth vj s. viij d.
Item I delyueryd to master mayre to Delyuer vn to the kynges grett mennystrelles by holy Rodys Church Dore & that he delyueryd to them at the ffreyris yatt Summa vj s. viij d.


  • Marginalia
  • Glossed Terms
    • fouttmen n pl footmen
    • mensterl n minstrel; mennystrelle; mensterell; mensterlle; menstreel; mentrelle; minestrell; mynesryle; mystrelle
    • nyʒth n night
  • Endnote

    The queen was in Southampton at this time, as the last entry on f 33 speaks of the mayor's difficulty in discovering where he was supposed to meet the queen. Henry VIII spent a good deal of time in Southampton between 1512 and 1514, involved in preparations for war with France (VCH: Hampshire, vol 5, p 322). Holy Rood Church, now a ruin, is located on the High Street (then called English Street) roughly halfway between the Bargate on the north and the city wall on the south. The 'ffreyris yatt,' that is, the Friar's Gate, was a gate in the town's eastern wall toward its southern end. 'master hussey' probably refers to John Hussey, who was bailiff at this time, rather than Thomas Hussey, who was not made a burgess until 1516–17 (Butler, Book of Fines, vol 1, pp 74–5, 177).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Steward's Accounts
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC5/1/28
    Repository location: Southampton

    The accounts run from Michaelmas to Michaelmas and cover all areas of civic receipt and expenditure, from land rents to annual payments to civic officials, costs of construction and repair of town structures, and rewards to visiting performers. See the introduction to Thick (ed), Southampton Steward's Book, pp iii–xlvi. Thick's edition of the 1492–3 accounts includes full transcriptions of those documents, including records relating to drama and minstrelsy.

    1511–12; English with some Latin; paper; 27 + xiv; 305mm x 210mm; original ink foliation (beginning at f 12); good condition; paper cover.

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