Terrier of Town Lands

Southampton City Archives: SC4/1/1

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⁌ lyvereyes


Item to the waytes of suthampton for theyr liuerey xx s.

⁌ Rewardis of ministrellis

Item to the kinges Mynystrelles & to the kynges fotemen this yere xiij s. iiij d.
Item to the quenes mynystrelles this yere vj s. viij d.
Item to the princes mynstrelles this yere vj s. viij d.
Item to the Erle of Arundells mynstrelles this yere vj s. viij d.


  • Document Description

    Record title: Terrier of Town Lands
    Repository: Southampton City Archives
    Shelfmark: SC4/1/1
    Repository location: Southampton

    This manuscript records the rentals of lands owned by the town, but also all the other annual recurring receipts and expenses usually found in the stewards' accounts. This terrier is likely to have been drawn up as part of Thomas Overay's reforms of the town's accounting procedures. Such terriers were supposed to be created annually but few have survived and this one was likely written on vellum to be a model. See Thick (ed), Southampton Steward's Book, pp xvii–xix. Thick's book includes a complete transcription of the terrier.

    1495; English; vellum; 5 leaves; 351mm x 270mm; modern pencil foliation; good condition; vellum cover.

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