HRO: 5M/50/44

mb [2] (29 September–29 September)


In menstellis domini Regis Arundell Comitis kantie & aliorum dominorum super <...> ...

  • Footnotes
    • menstellis: for menstrellis
    • kantie: Thomas Holland, the king's half–brother
    • <...>: right side of membrane badly faded due to damp; as many as 13 characters illegible
  • Record Translation

    mb [2] (29 September–29 September) (Payments)


    On minstrels of the the lord king, Arundel, the earl of Kent, and of other lords over<...>


  • Endnote

    Richard FitzAlan (c 1348–97), 15th earl of Arundel, had been part of Richard II's council but in 1397 was executed for supporting Gloucester's plotting against the king. This section also includes gifts to the bishops of Winchester and to the servants of the earls of Arundel and Kent. There appears to be a note in the left margin but it is both faded and obscured by repair. The marginal heading is also obscured by fading and repair.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Southwick Priory Bailiff's Accounts
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: 5M/50/44
    Repository location: Winchester

    Henry I founded a priory of Augustinian canons at Porchester in 1133, but within the next two decades the priory moved two miles north over Portsdown Hill to Southwick (VCH: Hampshire, vol 3, pp 161–5, British History Online,, accessed 20 May 2018). The Valor Ecclesiasticus put Southwick's annual value at £257 4s 4d – a large amount for a relatively isolated house, because pilgrims left offerings to Our Lady of Southwick (VCH: Hampshire, vol 2, pp 164–8, British History Online,, accessed 20 May 2018).

    The heading of this roll is difficult to make out, but the first year looks like 'x' probably followed by a 'v,' then a space or fading. The terminal year is definitely 'x' followed by partly faded letter that could be a 'v,' and then fairly clearly a 'j.' This would make it 15–16 Richard II, and it has been identified as from that year as far back as the transcriptions of the nineteenth century antiquarian, William Alchin, which he titled the 'Suthwyk Records'(HRO: 4M53/Z2) . The accounting year presumably ran from Michaelmas to Michaelmas, as with all other accounts in this series. This and the other accounts in this series are calendared at the HRO as 'General' accounts, but they were rendered by the bailiff.

    1391–2; Latin; parchment; 4 membranes, joined serially; 624–772mm x 260mm; unnumbered; written both sides.

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