Newport Convocation Book

Isle of Wight Record Office and Archive: NBC/45/16a

p 196 (16 April)

At this assemblie Mr Maior and the Companie within named being at the hall about the assessing for the poore and other urgent busines/ there came in Gilbert ‸⸢Reason⸣ a player and shewing his authoritie deseired to have leave to playe in the towne/ whervppon Mr Maior & the Companie Considering the povertie of the towne and the inconvenience of suffering players to plaie too long in the towne heertofore, thought good to lymitt him the said Gilbert and his company to plaie onlie this evening and to morrowe and no longer ‸⸢or two other daies in the old towne hall⸣ and the said Gilbert not being therwithall contented much vrged to have longer time/ therwith and would not depart being three or foure times so required, but at length said hee would stand <.> on his authoritie and told Mr Maior that he would be questyoned for yt/ and that he should heare from my Lord Chamberlaine with divers other peremptory speeches/


  • Endnote

    Gilbert Reason was the leader of the prince's players (Bentley, Jacobean and Caroline Stage, vol 2, pp 541–2). The town hall stood where the later guildhall still stands, at the junction of High Street and Quay Street (VCH: Hampshire, vol 5, pp 253-65, British History Online, [accessed 21 April 2017]).

  • Document Description

    Record title: Newport Convocation Book
    Repository: Isle of Wight Record Office and Archive
    Shelfmark: NBC/45/16a
    Repository location: Newport

    The convocation book was effectively the minute book of Newport's council, recording its actions in a relatively rough form. Items of recurring interest were often copied into the more formal Ligger Book.

    1609–59; English; paper; xiv + 708 + ii; 296mm x 197mm; original ink pagination; modern cardboard cover, marbled with red cloth corners and spine, title in gold on spine: 'Convocation Book 22nd Feby 1609 to 11th Sepr 1659' and at top of spine: '45/16A | 1609 to 1669.'

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