Newport Convocation Book

Isle of Wight Record Office and Archive: NBC/45/16a

p 159 (24 August)


Observations toucheing the spoile of the Forrest

That the poore people dwelling about the Forrest usuallie chipped out Chippes from the trees and in the forrest and brought them to the Towne & sold them.

The keepers having fee wood due have in Cullar thereof Cleared out and sold wood continuallie by the loade/ both winter and Somer/ and have not paid for the clearing and cutting thereof <....> in moneys but permitted the cutters & cleavers of wood to take wood for their labours wherby they have had a scoape to doe ⸢& have don⸣ great spoiles.

It is now ordered (to prevent the disorder of the poore people ‸⸢of the town⸣ in spoiling the forrest) That from henceforth the custome & vse of the Maior & his bretheren going to wood oves on the sundaie after Maye daie yearlie shalbe nowe left off/ and the Inhabitantes of the towne shall noe longer ha take anie or fetch anie wood of the forrest/ but that the <.> same vse and custome shalbe vtterly left off & abolished for ever/.

That the keepers and woodwardes have not onlie sold <...> wood into the Towne but have vsually s carried & solde wood vnto the Inhabitantes of Bowcombe Shorwell Carisbrooke, Shorwell & Brixton & other Bordering places & have not onlie don so but have agreed together & have vsually solde in stead of Dotters taken timber & sold to Carpenters & Ioiners./

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    • ij s. 3 d. observacion
  • Footnotes
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  • Glossed Terms
    • cullar n colour; outward appearance, show, semblance
    • dotter n a decayed piece of timber [OEDO doddered adj 1.a]
    • oues n pl eaves, the edge of a forest; oveis; oves
  • Document Description

    Record title: Newport Convocation Book
    Repository: Isle of Wight Record Office and Archive
    Shelfmark: NBC/45/16a
    Repository location: Newport

    The convocation book was effectively the minute book of Newport's council, recording its actions in a relatively rough form. Items of recurring interest were often copied into the more formal Ligger Book.

    1609–59; English; paper; xiv + 708 + ii; 296mm x 197mm; original ink pagination; modern cardboard cover, marbled with red cloth corners and spine, title in gold on spine: 'Convocation Book 22nd Feby 1609 to 11th Sepr 1659' and at top of spine: '45/16A | 1609 to 1669.'

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