Sir Thomas Jervoise's Household Accounts

Jervoise of Herriard Collection, HRO: 44M69/E6/165

f 10 (10 November) (London)

Layeinges oute since the feast of

St. Michaell Anno Domini 1615

li. s. d.
Item deliuered to your self at Sarson at your rideing to London 01–4–0
Item spent ryding to London 0–14–0


Item for my first weekes dyet 0–6–0
Item for a pair of wrought bootehose 0–7–0
Item at a play 0–1–0
Item for pipinge 0–0–1
Item for a pair of plaine bootehose & 2 handcarchefes: 0–5–0
Item deliuered to your self the 17th nouember 03–0–0
Item for Carriing a lettre to your vncle & another to Roger Tegg 0–0–4
Item at a play 0–1–6
Item for my second weekes dyett 0–6–0

f 10v


Item for my third weekes dyett 0–6–0
Item at a play 0–1–0
Item for cloth and lace for your coate and a frise jerkin 6–10–6
Item for bringing your sadles for⸢rom⸣ the Bell 0–0–2
Item at a play 0–1–6


  • Footnotes
    • 1615: underlined in MS
    • 0: written over 1
    • bringing: second ing written over other letters
  • Glossed Terms
    • cariing vb n carrying carriing prp ; see also carege, caryour
    • frise n frieze
  • Endnote

    The Jervoise family was resident at Freefolk.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Sir Thomas Jervoise's Household Accounts
    Repository: Jervoise of Herriard Collection, HRO
    Shelfmark: 44M69/E6/165
    Repository location: Winchester

    Sir Thomas Jervoise (1587–1654) was the son of Thomas Jervoise of Britford, Wiltshire, but he was orphaned at an early age and in 1601 Sir Richard Paulet purchased Jervoise's wardship from the Crown. Paulet had no son and after Jervoise married Paulet's daughter, Lucy, he became Paulet's heir. At Paulet's death in 1614 Jervoise succeeded to Paulet's estates at Herriard and Freefolk, Hampshire, and continued to reside in the county, though he had also inherited estates in Wiltshire and Shropshire from his father. He was knighted in 1607 and from 1621 to his death he served Whitchurch in parliament, supporting the Parliamentary side in the Civil War. For more information see the Hampshire families section of Historical Background.

    Identification of this account is based on a memorandum at the bottom of f 5 in the same hand as the rest of the accounts: 'receiued by me Wm Guidott as it appeareth aboue written...' and then the amount that 'remaineth dew vnto yourself.' The 'your' is likely Sir Thomas Jervoise, for whom Guidott managed money and legal affairs, but it could also be Roger Tegg, from whom Guidott received funds. William Guidott succeeded James Samborne as steward for Thomas Jervoise. The accounts appear to have been audited by a John Cooper, whose signature appears below this memorandum and elsewhere in the accounts. The accounts are mostly for expenses while away from the main household, at London, Salisbury, and elsewhere. Most of the expenses appear to be Guidott's own, though he also makes payments for 'your' expenses. The accounts run from Michaelmas 1615 to the following Michaelmas, or at least through August.

    1615–16; English; paper; 315mm x 200mm; 18 leaves; modern pencil foliation; good condition but some leaves may have been lost; original paper cover (repaired), some faint illegible notations but no title, modern heavy paper cover with title on front: '1615 & 1616 | Receipts & Expenditures.'

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