Synodal Statutes of Bishop Peter des Roches

Bodl.: MS. Hatton 92

f 159v

...¶Prohibimus per excommunicationem ne correant inhonesti ludi in cimiteriis agantur & ne ibi tractentur cause seculares ex consuetudine maxime tales in quibus agatur de iudicio sanguinis...

  • Footnotes
    • correant: for correa et (?)
  • Record Translation

    f 159v

    ...We prohibit by means of excommunication that dances and indecent games be performed in cemeteries, and that secular cases customarily be tried there especially such that entail the sentence of death...

  • Document Description

    Record title: Synodal Statutes of Bishop Peter des Roches
    Repository: Bodl.
    Shelfmark: MS. Hatton 92
    Repository location: Oxford

    The statuta synodalia have no title but internal evidence shows they belong to Winchester and indicates that they date to 1224 (see Cheney, English Synodalia, pp 75–6).

    The statutes, ff 154–61v, are the last in the manuscript and appear to have been separated and then bound in with the rest. The list of contents is on f 3: the section from ff 1–153 is from the fifteenth century and includes writings by Mauricius, prior of Kirkham, followed by two analyses of Ovid's Metamorphoses, Chronica Tripartita by John Gower, Latin verse proverbs, prayers, and theological notes. The last section, ff 154–61, appears to be a separate manuscript that has been bound with the rest.

    13th–15th c.; Latin; parchment; 164 leaves (1–3, 162–4 are paper flyleaves); 195mm x 138mm; modern pencil foliation; good condition; 19th-c. brown leather binding over cardboard, title in gold on spine: 'MAURITIUS//HATTON/92' ('92' also in white ink at top of spine). Folios 154–61v can be dated to between 1216 and 1221.

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