Hampshire, Bramley, 1563–4
HRO: 63M70/PW1

p 75 (4 April–26 March) (Receipts)


Inprimis of the money remayning in the Churche boxe at the last Accompte vj li. xiiij s. xj d.
Item receuyd for Clere gaynes at whitsontide xxv s. viij d.
Item of the Churchewyves for hocking money iij s. iiij d.

Summa viij li. ij s. xj d.

Expences Laied out by the Churchewardens


Item for bred & wyne against Easter xx d.
Item to Crofte the mynstrell ij s.
Item for ij keys vj d.
Item for nayles ij d.
Item for wyne against all Sayntes Daye ij d.


  • Footnotes
    • whitsontide: 30 May–1 June 1563
    • hocking money: collected during Hocktide, 19–20 April 1563
    • Easter: 11 April 1563
  • Glossed Terms
    • clere adj and adv clear, without encumbrance, liability, debt, etc; net profit [OEDO clear adj, adv, and n 16.a]; cleare; clearely; clearlie; clearly; cleere; cleerelye; cleerlye; cler; clerely; clerelye; clerly; clerlye
  • Endnote

    While the entries may not be in strict chronological order, the money to the minstrel is placed after Easter; it thus probably refers to a payment for performing at the Whitsun ale, as do the payments to minstrels in earlier years. The money made 'at Whitsontide' is the proceeds for the ale, which is not always identified as such.

  • Document Description

    Record title: St James' Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: 63M70/PW1
    Repository location: Winchester

    Bramley is a village situated about five miles north of Basingstoke, close to the Berkshire border. The accounting year used by Bramley's churchwardens was from Palm Sunday to Palm Sunday. Pagination of the accounts was done in 1873 by the Rev. C. Eddy, vicar of Bramley, who attached some loose papers and explanatory notes at appropriate points in the book.

    1523–1769; English and Latin; paper; 303 leaves; 327mm x 220mm; 19th-c. ink pagination; good condition, except pages frayed at edges, a few torn; original cover of parchment, badly damaged, made of several pieces stitched together, including fragments of a 15th-c. word book in Latin and English and a 15th-c. account roll, no title, kept in a case of cream-coloured vellum-covered boards made to enclose the book in 1909 by the archdeacon of Winchester, title stamped in gold on red- leather rectangle on front of case: 'BRAMLEY / CHURCHWARDEN'S ACCOUNTS / 1523–1769.'

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