Hampshire, Bramley, 1532–3
HRO: 63M70/PW1

p 18 (24 March 1531/2–6 April 1533)(Receipts)


Item recevyd for the Churche Ale on Whyte sonday at sopper xxj s j d ob.
Item on Whitemonday at dyner iij s.
Item the seid monday at supper ix s. iiij d.
Item the tuysday at dyner iij s. iiij d.
Item the seid tuysday at supper x s. x d.
Item the wennysday at dyner iij s.
Item recevyd on trinite sonday xix s. j d.
Item recevid for Corne gethered iiij s. iiij d.
Item recevid for skynnes & felles iij s. iij d.
Item recevyd . in exspences of the parrishe of Silchester v s.
Item recevyd in exspences of the parrishe of hartley iij s. iiij d.
Item recevyd in Tappyng money xiiij s. ij d.

Churche ale iiij li. xix s. iij d.

Summa ..... lvj li. xiiij s. ij d.

Item recevyd by the seid wardens of Iohn hasker for a belstroke iiij d.
Item of William hanyton for Ryngyng for the sol of Symon prior iij d.
Item of Mavde palmer for the crosse howse xij d.
Summa ij s. Summa totalis recevyd vj li. vj s. jj d.
Item recevyd for dowellyng money vj s. viij d.
Item recevyd for holyloffe money ij s.
Item recevyd of Iohn maryner for the hyre of a kow xvj d.
Item recevyd of Mavde palmer for rent iiij d.
Churche ale de xxxiiij s. v d. vij li. ....s. .d. vj s.
<.....> xx d. vj d.

p 19 (Payments)

Inprimis paied for wexe & makyng of the Church light xiij s. vj d.
Item paid for ij torchys ix s. iiij d.
Item paid for frankynsens j d.
Item paid to the smyth for makyng of the Claper & Keys & Nayles for the littilbell iij d.
Item paid for costes at the spirituall Court vij d.
Item at ye busshops visitacion & costes vij d.
Item for Nayls iiij d.
Item to strovde for an C bovrde for ye crosse howse xx d.
Item for savynge of one planke iij d.
Item paid for ⸢xxvj s viij d⸣ half a quarter of whete viij s.
Item to Alis Carter for iij bushelles of whete v s iij d.
Item for iij calves viij s.
Item for for ij ewes v s. iiij d.
Item for iij lames iiij s. viij d.
Item for j wethur ij s. viij d.
Item for j bushell of malt x d.
Item for viij barrelles of bere xvj s.
Item for chekyns vj d.
Item for brede iiij d.
Item for a dosyn of brede xij d.
Item for spyces viij d.
Item for butter v d.
Item to Mawde for Rushis iij d.
Item for butter egges & otemele ij d.
Item for chese ij d.
Item for Salt j d.

Verte folium

p 20

Item paied by the seid wardens for wodde x d.
Item paied for the carege of wodde of the yeft of Mr pexsall ij d.
Item paied to henwod & Richard Tyrry for gatheryng of Corn xiiij d.
Item to Kelsey & Iohn Emeryk for getheryng of Corn & to strodes son &
Andrew purdewes son for carrege
ij s. ix d.
Item for w henwades supper when he gethered malt ij d.
Item to Iohn Kelsey & Emerike for ther labores iiij d.
Item to Symon Redyng for his labur xij d.
Item to Iohn Redyng & henwood for tallyng of wood viij d.
Item to hew pryor for fewellyng iiij d.
Item to the mynstrell iij s.

In exspences de churche ale iij li. iiij s. x d.


  • Footnotes
    • Whitemonday: 20 May 1532
    • trinite sonday: 26 May 1532
    • Churche … iij d.: line begins halfway into left margin; it appears that Summa ….. lvj li. xiiij s. ij d. was written first at the centre of the page and Churche ale iiij li. xix s. iij d. added to the left, probably by the same hand, though smaller
    • <.....>: likely claro; lost due to deterioration of the bottom of the page
    • Verte folium: 'Turn the leaf'
    • w: followed by space of about 2 characters
    • Iohn Redyng & henwood: John Redyng and William Henwood were churchwardens for this year
    • In … x d.: line begins in left margin and slightly smaller though same hand; a total of the expenses of the ale listed above
  • Glossed Terms
    • bovrde n in phr an c bovrde a(n) hundred boards
    • carege vb n carriage; the act of carrying; caridge, carrege
    • crose howse n cross house, ie, church house; crosse howse
    • dowellyng vb n dwelling (?) in phr dowellyng money dwelling money, payment for temporary lodging (?)
    • fewellyng vb n fuelling, feeding with fuel
    • otemele n oatmeal; otmele
    • savynge vb n sawing
    • totalys n total; possibly from ML; totalis
  • Endnote

    On p 19, next to the first entry for bread, in the left margin are several short diagonal lines. All the entries following that one are marked in the left margin with a cross.

    Deterioration of the bottom of p 20 obscures other figures that are partly visible; they appear to be totals and/or amounts carried forward.

  • Document Description

    Record title: St James' Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: 63M70/PW1
    Repository location: Winchester

    Bramley is a village situated about five miles north of Basingstoke, close to the Berkshire border. The accounting year used by Bramley's churchwardens was from Palm Sunday to Palm Sunday. Pagination of the accounts was done in 1873 by the Rev. C. Eddy, vicar of Bramley, who attached some loose papers and explanatory notes at appropriate points in the book.

    1523–1769; English and Latin; paper; 303 leaves; 327mm x 220mm; 19th-c. ink pagination; good condition, except pages frayed at edges, a few torn; original cover of parchment, badly damaged, made of several pieces stitched together, including fragments of a 15th-c. word book in Latin and English and a 15th-c. account roll, no title, kept in a case of cream-coloured vellum-covered boards made to enclose the book in 1909 by the archdeacon of Winchester, title stamped in gold on red- leather rectangle on front of case: 'BRAMLEY / CHURCHWARDEN'S ACCOUNTS / 1523–1769.'

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