HRO: 1638AD083

f 1v (16 October)


Item the instrumtes of musicke of all sortes & for bockes of musicke 4 : 0 . 0


f 2 (13 December)

Knowe all men by these presentes that I Cicilye Glover of Andever in the County of Southampton Widdowe and Whife of William Glover late of Andever aforesaid (deceased) Musicion Doe vtterly refuse to take any administracion or entermedle with any the goodes ⸢or⸣and householdstuffe of my said late husbandes...

  • Footnotes
    • instrumtes: for instrumentes; abbreviation mark missing in MS
  • Glossed Terms
    • andever n Andover; andeuer
  • Endnote

    A William Glover 'the elder,' also identified as a musician, leased two tenements in Charlton, near Andover, for forty years from Winchester College in 1593 (Himsworth, Winchester College Muniments, vol 2, pt 1, p 89). The William Glover who died in 1638 may be the same William Glover, but the forty-five-year gap between the two records suggests that this inventory may be for William Glover the younger, who had learned his trade as a musician from his father. William Glover, musician of Andover, gave the college his bond to respect the conditions of his tenancy in 1610, and that bond may represent the son's taking over the tenancy from his identically named father.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Will of William Glover of Andover, Musician
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: 1638AD083
    Repository location: Winchester

    The inventory of William Glover's goods is accompanied by a renunciation by his wife Cecily, which states that William Glover was a musician. The £4 value put on Glover's instruments and music books can be compared to the total valuation of his estate at £24 8s.

    1638; English; paper; 2 folios; 208–300mm x 160–95mm; good condition; attached at the left side to modern heavy paper for binding into a modern file binder with a cover of red leather, title on spine: 'ADMONS 1638 1-97 A-G.'

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