Hampshire, Alton, 1625–6
HRO: 29M84/PW1

f 2 (25 March–25 March) (Receipts)


Received the same tyme in hockmoney j li. j s. ij d.


  • Document Description

    Record title: St Lawrence's Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: HRO
    Shelfmark: 29M84/PW1
    Repository location: Winchester

    Alton is in the north-eastern part of the county, roughly twelve miles south of Basingstoke and ten miles north-east of Winchester. It was a substantial town by the seventeenth century, one of ten in the county to reach a population of one thousand by 1600 (Peter Clark and Jean Hosking, Population Estimates of English Small Towns 1550–1851, Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester, Working Paper No 5 (Leicester, 1989; rev 1993), 61–6). The accounts consist mainly of receipts from rates and expenses for poor relief. Receipts from hocking occur in the first two years for which accounts survive but do not appear in the 1627–8 accounts or thereafter.

    1625–1826; English; paper; i + 375 + ii; 367mm x 215mm; original ink foliation (ends at f 320, though all but last five leaves have writing on them); original cover of brown leather wraps completely around the manuscript, leather strap and buckle; spine of cover has several holes and tears, but pages in good condition; no title.

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