Diocesan Court Proceedings

CUL: EDR B/2/15

f 157 (20 March 1598/9) (Wisbech St Peter)

Edwardum seu Edmundum
non comparuit+
vijs et modis
executum super ostium ecclesie
non comparuit
ostium <...> suspensus
paid 1 s. 6 d.
17 d. paid
non comparuit
16o Augusti

suspensus et sub
monitione dimissus
Presentatur for that divers times he hath suffered playeinge at cardes, and daunseinge in his howse in the time of eveninge prayers on the Saboth day, to the offence of the Neighbourhood Emanauit citacio &c. in xiijum diem Iunij 1599./ Quo die dominus viz. Magister Bery duxit dictum Walker diligenter perquesitum latitantem et non inventum praeconizatum et non comparentem citandum fore vijs et modis in xxjum diem Iulij proximum Quo die actum fuit similiter vt in causa contra Edge viz. est suspensus Emanauit et xxvijo die Novembris 1599 coram Magistro Doctore Hill comparuit dictus Walker quem dominus ad eius humilem peticionem absolvit praestito prius per eum iuramento corporali tactis &c. deinde dominus obiecto ei articulo &c. fassus est eundem esse verum vnde dominus iniunxit ei confessionem &c. et monuit eum ad peragendam eandem in Ecclesia ibidem prout in schedula et ad certificandum inde proxime viz. xxo die martij proximi Quo die


  • Footnotes
    • 1599: underlined
    • Edge: Cecily Edge
    • 1599: underlined
    • Quo die: the entry ends at this point
  • Record Translation

    f 157 (20 March 1598/9) (Wisbech St Peter)

    Edward or Edmund
    He did not appear+
    by way and means
    executed on the door of the church
    He did not appear
    the door <...>
    He is suspended
    paid 1s 6d
    He confessed
    17d paid
    He did not appear
    He is suspended
    16 August
    He is suspended and dismissed
    with a warning.
    A presentment is made (English). A citation has been issued, etc, on 13 June 1599. On which day, the lord (judge), namely Master Bery determined that the said Walker, who, having been diligently sought, was hiding and not found, and having been summoned, did not appear, was to be cited by ways and means on 21 July next. On which day proceedings were similar to those in the case against Edge, that is, he was suspended. (A writ) has been issued and on 27 November 1599, the said Walker appeared before Master Doctor Hill, and at his humble petition, the lord (judge) absolved him, after a corporal oath had been taken earlier by him, (the holy gospels) having been touched, etc. Thereafter, when the article was charged, etc, he confessed that the same was true. Wherefore the lord (judge) enjoined him to confession, etc, and admonished him to perform the same in the church there, as in the schedule and to certify thereto at the next (court day), namely 20 March next. On which day


  • Document Description

    Record title: Diocesan Court Proceedings
    Repository: CUL
    Shelfmark: EDR B/2/15
    Repository location: Cambridge

    1593–1600; Latin and English; paper; 180 + x; 307mm x 200mm; contemporary foliation (quarter sheet pinned to f 12v, 194mm x 115mm); good condition (f 8 is torn in half lengthwise); contemporary vellum binding, reading (in 18th- or 19th-c. hand): 'Liber Actorum | ex Officio | a 1593 ad 1600 | O 2 | 1593,' 'Pro decanato Wisbech' in an earlier hand, parchment label on spine: 'O2.'

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